New Year’s Resolutions

Going back to last year’s blog post and seeing what my resolutions were:

1. I resolve to take better care of my hair.- Partial success

I have been doing the cold rinse, less shampoo, coconut oil treatment. But I had a major setback involving the Apple Cider Vinegar Incident. Halfway through the year I noticed growth; need to measure again to see if the ACV incident undid all that progress or not.

2. I resolve to come up with a stress management plan for this year at work. – Partial success

Did worse at this actually, to start, however am now seeing a Therapist which makes everything better!

3. Use my Habitica to-do list more and maintain my Duolingo streak – one fail, one success

I stopped using Habitica entirely. oops. Duolingo streak has maintained though! 477 days and going! I just re-started using Habitica this week.

4. Start up DDP Yoga again and GO TO FENCING PRACTICE.  – oops.

Did not start up the DDP, bad me! Once again this is going on the to do list, best physical health of my life was when I was doing the DDP Yoga regularly. And really fell off on Fencing, but there was a lot of other stuff going on which prevented focusing on this so I forgive myself.

5. Learn a musical instrument – Totally did it.

NEW resolutions for this year:

1. Brush and re-braid my hair more regularly. The laziness of leaving it in the braid from one day to the next contributed to the ACV Incident. Keeping knots at bay earlier is good.

2. Start up DDP Yoga again and go to fencing practice. I’ve set a goal; 52 Yoga sessions for the year. I should be able to do that, eh? One a week? (or two a week, really, with off weeks here and there, like the last three weeks…)

3. Paint – goal is 4 paintings this year (stretch goal is 6)

4. Continue to keep my Positive Self Talk Journal


Thursday Gratitude

Hey it’s Thursday again, and time for gratitude.  Feeling a bit guilty I’ve not posted about projects much, but not much has been going on there. Must get back into it in the new year! Anyway there is still much to be grateful for:

  • Coffee, which makes all things possible.
  • I have a new jewelry armoire 🙂 Feels quite decadent, though it wasn’t expensive. Husband and I assembled it last night, it fits well in the bedroom and I think will keep my jewelry organized and more accessible.
  • Should take a moment to acknowledge my privilege in having enough jewelry to require an armoire.
  • Cat photos, the purpose for which the Internet exists.
  • My cats, glad I woke up early enough this morning to fit in a good kitten-cuddling session before work.
  • My hotel and plane tickets are purchased for my work conference coming up *whew* that takes some pressure off!
  • I have the afternoon off today 🙂 (for a dentist appointment, but still… afternoon off!)
  • The Beatles



Thursday Gratitude

Yesterday was busy and once again I forgot to post. Oops. So here’s the Friday edition!

Today I am grateful for many things, including:

  • Three day weekend! Yay MLK day! (and let’s take a moment to be grateful for that great man and his work, and those who have continued his work.)
  • I was super productive at work this week, feeling accomplish-y
  • Lunch date with my husband today
  • First day of clinic went pretty smooth for the first year students *whew!*
  • my posative-self-talk journal has gotten easier to keep; I think that’s a good sign 🙂 I’ve also updated my stress-trigger journal less. In other words; life is good.
  • Candice-kitty seems to have gotten over her kitty-cold, yay! She was in my lap purring last night, it was lovely.



Weekend Update – Pentamere 12th Night

Went to Pentamere 12th Night on Saturday. My goodness my road trip resilience is down! Only a 3 hour drive and it quite wiped me out! Still, glad I went. The MiddleWiki class was great; got some new, enthusiastic people on board. And I was a good peer and went to the Laurel meeting so, gold star for me, heh.

Got a surprising amount of stuff done on Sunday given trip fatigue, though. And Monday was Scribe’s guild; small but quality.



Year in review – 2019

Taking a moment to recap and reflect before I move on to making new resolutions.

I did a lot this year. It was hard, and nigh impossible at times, but I made it through. I’m still here and that’s a big mark in the “win” column.

In January I went to the Exan Summit in Vancouver for work

In February we went to Norfolk Virginia for a mini-break vacation

In March I finally received my administrator training and a slew of software updates ensued and I fenced at the Tournament of Defense

We went to the Saint Clare’s embroidery event in Aethelmearc (end of March, beginning of April weekend)

In April the husband and I made 50 glass enamel award badges and I presided over my first A&S Faire as regional minister of Arts and Sciences

In May my workplace moved buildings

In June I was a bridesmaid (with some claim to Maid of Honor status) and wore a dress I made myself for the wedding.

In July I went to Boston for a work conference

In August I was a Pennsic A&S Champion and I think I can be proud of the work I managed to achieve in a very short amount of time. Regardless of the judges, it was impressive. And I made my own paintbrushes!

In September I received my diagnosis for PTSD and started therapy

In October we went to Niagra Falls for a mini break for our anniversary 🙂

In November I got bifocals

In December I played a musical instrument in public for the first time since the 3rd grade flutaphone fiasco.


Thursday Gratitude

Happy New Year! I have a lot to be grateful for.

  • I learned a lot this last year, and that’s a powerful gift.
  • My wonderful husband
  • The Tiara Fairy, what a fabulous idea. Some kind soul has taken it on themselves to enable anonymous tiara gifts. I got one in the mail just before Christmas. Felt so loved! and it is sparkly 🙂
  • A quiet day to ease back into the work week after the holiday break
  • The fact that we got the days off between Christmas and New Year’s! NEEDED IT.
  • I managed to get my sparkly christmas nails on for New Year’s, heh.
  • My office plant survived the break, poor thing was wilty and dry, but already has perked up after watering.



Thursday Gratitude

Feeling particularly grateful today.

  • I am grateful for the foolish bravado that lead me to agree to a challenge involving learning a musical instrument, and picking a super hard one because that’s how I roll.
  • For my kind, patient, supportive husband
  • For the many kind words people gave me after the concert! Wow. So many heartfelt compliments… I was blown away.
  • For Noelle lending me her shawm
  • For how excited everyone seemed to be about it!
  • For it being over and done! heh.
  • I survived! I played a musical instrument, before an audience, and lived. Huzzah.
  • My cats, and how Amy kitty is such a snuggle bug when I’m getting ready to leave in the morning. She makes it hard to step out the door! So sweet. 🙂
  • Janet, the Ortho clinic manager, got me a calendar for my desk ❤ and she baked cookies!
  • On Monday I went to a wine and paint night with Dr. Leena from work; it was fun! Always wanted to try one of those, absolutely will do again.
  • The Orthodontics department which keeps me well caffeinated
  • I’m not ready for the holiday… but I am ready for holiday break! Very grateful the University has given us the entire week off next week!!! EEEE!