Weekend Update

This weekend the husband and I were unusually social. On Saturday we had a date with our friends Muldonny and Gwen to hang out in their back yard. We shot archery (They had set up a great range with two targets and a nice separating line so we were all social distanced, me and Mark on the left, Muldonny and Gwen on the right, hee!)

We didn’t get a lot of shooting in, but it still was nice to pull the bow and try to remember how to aim. I did better than I expected, to be honest. And then we sat around a camp fire and drank hot cocoa, very pleasant. 🙂

On Sunday we did similar with the niece and nephew-in-law, Kristen and Halim. They ordered take out for lunch and we sat around their back yard fire. It was a bit cold, but fun. Very good to catch up!

Wish we had arranged visits earlier in the year when the weather was better… but hey, we got it in before it got too cold, eh? If the weather holds out, we should try another.

Halim wants to arrange quarantine and testing so we can be together for Christmas… the husband is reluctant and I understand. It’s hard to trust everyone to be safe… it only takes one person to infect the rest. Hubby and I are willing to give up Christmas for safety… but I also understand why others might not be.

Interesting times.


Thursday Gratitude

Been longing for a blanket fort to hide in lately… my apologies for missing posting gratitude yesterday, I did remember… but it was after I had shut down the computer for the night, heh.

Of course I do still have much to be grateful for.

  • It stopped raining, yay! and the weather is a bit warmer too, didn’t need even a sweater for last night’s walk!
  • My cat-a-day calendar which has provided me with much needed cat photos
  • My husband made a pumpkin roll yesterday
  • No video meetings today, yay! No need to worry about what my hair looks like, heh.
  • Coffee, always on my list of things to be grateful for.
  • We have some social visits planned for the weekend, will be very good to see friends
  • Being able to edit the on-line grocery order when you realize you forgot something important
  • I am still working from home and will continue for the foreseeable, yay! I am very lucky that I don’t need to risk my or my family’s health to earn a living.
  • Halloween decor
  • Very grateful that I was teamed with two wonderful ladies in the Women Staff Leadership Development thingy; have really enjoyed our conversations!

Thursday Gratitude

Today I am grateful for many things;

  • Candice kitty slept in my lap for a bit ❤ Cooler weather does make the cats more affectionate! Heh. My warm lap is my super power?
  • Coffee
  • I HAVE TOMORROW OFF! YES! Paid time off! A Vacation Day! I needed it, badly
  • Recognizing the signs of burn out
  • Katie showed me how to add totals in Tableau, woot!
  • Apparently I’ve been doing Duolingo for 7 years, go me. You’d think I’d be fluent in French by now, heh.
  • I came up with a great idea for a warm lunch today and made it and it was yummy.
  • The sound of rainfall
  • Our neighborhood deer
  • Halloween decorations
  • We shot archery with Cadfan and Robin on Saturday, very rusty, but gosh it felt good pulling the bow again! And I did not lose any arrows
  • Social-distance visits.
  • I got my early voting done; and I got a sticker! Yay! Did not expect a sticker, but the board of elections was handing them out at the drop box. 🙂 I find stickers very motivating and was sad I wasn’t going to get one, heh.
  • Poll workers

Thursday Gratitude

I have much to be grateful for:

  • The crunch of dried leaves underfoot as I take a walk
  • Cool, crisp autumn weather
  • The smell of cinnamon and spices
  • Coffee, through which all things become possible. 🙂
  • Romantic Comedies
  • I took a nap on my lunch break today. BEST IDEA EVER. Candice jumped into my lap for it too.
  • I remembered it was Thursday 🙂
  • Husband is making pumpkin cookies ❤ and I can smell them baking! Major benefit to working from home.
  • I have my therapist appointment tonight
  • I probably should have lead with: tomorrow is our wedding anniversary 🙂 16 years of marriage with my Smooopie. Still the smartest decision I ever made! By the way, the traditional gift for 16 years is ‘wax’ which was upgraded some time in the past to ‘silver holloware’ maybe for the candlestick option? I got the husband some beeswax stuff, hope he likes it 🙂
  • Grateful his gift arrived in time! and that he doesn’t read my blog so I can just spill the beans to the internet without fear 🙂


Weekend Update – Litter box Cafeteria

Saturday we had an adventure planned; driving to campus to drop off my library book and swing by my friend Connie’s house to pick up a litter box. She had a fancy one she bought for her cat… who didn’t like it. I told her about the ‘litter box cafeteria’ we needed to set up and she offered it to us! Very helpful.

It was nostalgic visiting campus; we talked about our many past commutes and the doughnut shop which closed. It was also nice to see most everyone on campus was wearing masks and the many signs saying ‘practice social distancing’ ‘wear a mask’ ‘take your health assessment before coming to campus’

We also, serendipitously, got our shipment from (My first time using them, was rather pleased. It shipped quickly and I had a coupon.) So we set up additional litter boxes.

The Behavioral vet said to set up:

  • one box with our regular litter
  • one with a clay, clumping litter
  • one with a crystal litter
  • one with cat attract litter
  • and one with a pee pad.

This is so Amy has choices, and we will track! Also need to track for box type, location as well as litter type.

Early success has the husband happy; Amy has used the clay-clumping litter three times! It remains to be seen if it’s the litter she prefers, or the box or the location. Anyway, no cat pee on the rug is a win!

Also did some general cleaning around the house and got the Halloween decorations all out and did the weekly grocery run. Our normal number of walks in the neighborhood and a few naps for me to recover from a bad week of sleep.


Thursday Gratitude

I am grateful for many things;

  • My wonderful husband baked a pumpkin roll today. IT IS DELICIOUS! *burp*
  • Coffee
  • Snooze buttons
  • Dr. Love; and I’m very glad that I got an invite to his retirement celebration zoom meeting. Really sweet and wonderful guy, going to miss him! (So happy for him though!)
  • I was brave today and called Weatherhead admissions to ask about their analytics boot camp; got voicemail so no success but I’m proud of myself for calling. 🙂
  • I remembered to post Thursday gratitude on Thursday
  • I was good and ordered cat litter for our cat litter buffet for Amy kitty (I hope she likes one of these litters!)
  • I’ve been feeling really good since having a social weekend; very grateful to our friends for having us over and visiting. Clearly, I needed it!
  • Knitting
  • My day full of meetings yesterday went pretty well
  • quote of the day “The most important step is the one you are on”
  • Despite being tired and cranky; I made it through my day 🙂

Weekend Update – being social!

On Saturday our friends Aiden and Hely called; would we be interested in a back-yard social visit? Yes! They ordered pizza and we spent a very pleasant few hours relaxing and visiting in their lovely back yard garden. This was our first take-out pizza since March! It was delicious. And Mark was much more relaxed this time (our first visit with them over a month ago he was very nervous the whole time.) But Aiden and Hely were very careful, we had two tables 10 feet apart. Hand sanitizer on the table, separate disposable utensils, a hand washing station, masks… it was as safe as can be. Weight is up; which makes the husband quite leery of ordering more pizza in the future! heh.

Then on Sunday we visited with our friends Cadfan and Robin in their back yard. Again, lawn chairs a respectable distance apart. Great conversation.

Have to say… I needed that! I’m feeling so much better today and yesterday and I can only credit having some social interaction. It’s been a long while!

Knitting Update: I’m finally ahead of where I was on the shawl when I found I had made an error and ended up frogging it. Huzzah! Feels great to be moving forward again, though I’m a bit nervous and shall be until I’m a few more rows ahead I think. 🙂


Stupid, Fat, Lazy

I was laying in bed, the alarm and gone off and I groaned. I was tired, I didn’t want to get up and unbidden the words came: Stupid, Fat, Lazy.

These same three words I have beaten myself up with for years, a flail to smack myself with. As if the reason I did not get up was lack of punishment? But this time it was different… I paused. I noticed. Wait a minute… why did I just say that to myself? Years and years ago they were said to me, and I learned to say them myself. Repeating the abuse here, thirty years later for the absent abuser. Stupid. Fat. Lazy.


This one I can refute with confidence. I am not stupid. I’m really rather intelligent. I was on the math team in high school… highest PSAT score in my school… and I’ve written that off in the past as “I’m just good at taking tests, it doesn’t mean anything.” But it does. I am smart. I figure things out all the time that coworkers miss. My husband considers himself rather smart and is very quick to point out that I am smarter than him! How often have I said “Oh, that’s easy” to the shocked stares of others? I am NOT STUPID. Shut up, little voice.


Why Fat? Why does that come up? As if weight is a measure of virtue. I’ve been made to feel ashamed of my weight since I was 12… started trying to diet back then. (Which is hilarious because I was actually under-weight at the time!) But immediately, I accuse myself of being fat. Honestly, I’m not. I’ve never been ‘fat.’ Overweight? Yes, a bit, but as Ha said “Oh honey, you’re not fat. Not for an American!” heh. So shut up, little voice. Not only am I not ‘Fat’, ‘Fat’ is not a bad thing to be. So many people I admire and look up to have a larger number on their bathroom scale than I do! I don’t find it a bad thing for them, it is not a bad thing for me.


This is a harder one to defeat. I have often lamented being lazy. Looking at huge, un-done to-do lists, piles of good intentions in the sewing room. Clearly, I’m lazy. But no, I’m not. I do get a lot done! I’m actually a very responsible person! I’m quick to pick up the dropped ball and volunteer to take on a needed task. I over-load myself frequently, actually, which ends up in my own projects not getting done. Not because I’m lazy, the opposite! I take on too much! So shut up, little voice. I am not Lazy.

I just wanted to share that with you all; this was a great moment for me. Defeating that little voice. And I hope that you all can follow suit when your own little voice speaks up; stop and challenge it.


Thursday Gratitude

As always, I have much to be grateful for;

  • Working remotely means I don’t have to stress out about the Presidential Debate and road closures and the like.
  • My cute eShakti dress I’m wearing right now; I didn’t need another dress but the husband was quite adamant that I needed this one! heh. Love him!
  • Joking with people on-line, it’s been a great social outlet to chat with the fellow players in the silly on-line game I play.
  • I’ve been accomplishing a lot at work, stepping back a moment and appreciating that. I am a very responsible and dedicated employee.
  • Chicken Quesadillas, which are so quick to cook and yummy to eat 🙂
  • The cooler weather which is allowing more wardrobe options
  • We bought a new blanket for our bed and a new dust pan and sheet set! Grateful to have the funds for such purchases, and that we over-came our urges to skimp on ourselves and creature comforts. We deserve a blanket without holes in it, we do! Go us! (I am very happy about the new dust pan, the old one has nicks all along the edge that make picking up dust a real challenge.)
  • Signs of improvement; actually caught myself going down that ‘shame spiral’ this morning and stopped it. Go me!
  • thick socks
  • The CODA report is done
  • I mended my orange silk shirt. It’s always fit a bit oddly, I just slit the hem on both sides and it lays much better now. 🙂 wore it on Monday along with the matching silk skirt that I took the waist band in on. Makes me feel good when I fix something. Very sustainable and eco friendly you know.

Thursday Gratitude

Once again I’m posting my Thursday Gratitude on Friday… though I have a fairly good excuse this time. I took a vacation day yesterday and stayed away from the computer! Go me! (OK, I did check email a little, but that was it! Go me!)

I have much to be grateful for.

  • New shoes! Husband and I went to a fancy store and bought shoes yesterday. I was in dire need of new walking shoes. These are fairly expensive “Road shoes” but they are comfy and I think my feet will be very happy I splurged.
  • Having the funds to buy good shoes!
  • I persisted on a point at work and saw instant karma to back up my choice. Go me.
  • Had my therapist appointment yesterday; as always it was good. So glad I chose to persist with therapy too.
  • Coffee, through which all things become possible.
  • It’s Friday!
  • I was brave and forthright with my boss in our afternoon meeting.
  • My wool sweater and cooler temperatures which allow me to enjoy wearing it 🙂
  • Pumpkin Spice season! 🙂 Husband bought a pumpkin roll 🙂 yay!
  • Being brave enough to wear light up shoes; and my husband for getting me light up shoes lo over a year ago. It makes nighttime walks safer, right?
  • Still healthy, and husband is too
  • I’m almost up to the point on my knitting project where I ‘frogged’ it before.
  • We went for a walk in the park after buying shoes; it was a Thursday so very few people around, really enjoyed it. Love the Sylvan Loop.