Weekend Update – Kittens and angst

Need a weekend to recover from my weekend I think…

Friday night was lovely; the husband and I had a date with Aiden and Hely in their back yard with friends Ann and Jason too. It was LOVELY. Felt comfortable and happy chatting about everything and eating all the good snacks and drinking the good drinks. (I got a little drunk, actually, heh. It was so tasty!)

Saturday, however, life was gloomy. Our cat Amy had been hiding under the chair again. It had been two days since she used the litter box and my husband was a wreak. We did get some errands run and generally were productive. Right at the end of the day, around 7 pm? maybe? We went for a walk, as we often do. This time, however, as we turned the corner of our block I spotted something on the sidewalk ahead. I stopped, stopped the husband… and the little orange kitten got up and trotted toward us.

We asked the neighbors in the area, they said they didn’t know whose cat it was. He was a bit filthy and absolutely skin and bones… but very affectionate. Clearly not feral. We went back home; I carried him a little bit, but he squirmed out of my grasp and chose instead to trot along with us in a most adorable manner.

Problem: It was Saturday night and now we had two cats who should be seen by a vet!

Sunday morning I called around to the very few vet clinics open on Sunday in our area, no one had an opening. *sigh* Amy still did not poo. Husband became an inconsolable pile of weeping man. It was rough. Also, husband insisted we did not bring the kitten in to the house as he might have fleas or worms or who knows what. So the angst of leaving the little kitten in our garage. We did set up a bed, litterbox and scratching post. (He used both!) but still… he’s a kitten and needs attention and affection.

Sunday evening we had the niece-in-law’s birthday. We chose not to attend the dinner at a restaurant or big party with a jillion people because of the Pandemic, but we did go over their house for cake and exchanging gifts.

I had trouble getting to sleep that night. If I didn’t have student orientation Monday, I would’ve called off work to deal with stuff (because the husband was quite beside himself about it all). Then, as I lay there awake at midnight I realized; my morning was fairly light, two meetings I could attend by zoom if necessary. I got up, emailed work that I would be in late on Monday.

Monday morning I called our vet and got Amy an appointment for 2pm today, and little orange kitten an appointment at 11 am. I did my 9 am meeting via zoom, then hopped in the car and made it to the office for the 10 am zoom meeting. *whew!*

Survived the afternoon orientation session too… think I may have knocked it out of the park, actually. Dunno. We’ll see.

Amy pooped Monday morning *whew!* and proceeded to be a normal, happy cat the rest of the day. *whew!*

Husband still is adamant that we don’t keep the kitten. That we find him a home. I want to keep the kitten. Marital strife ensues.

Hubby is with the kitten at the vet even now. Hope he checks out healthy! Poor little guy!


Thursday Gratitude

It’s funny how some days life is okay and I can handle it… and others it’s a struggle. And it’s hard to pin point why. Today is one of those struggle days. Going to try and be good and focus a few moments on being grateful, though. Let’s see if it helps, eh?
Today I am grateful for:

  • Having the excess income to waste on such luxuries as cafe lattes and croissants. (*burp*) And grateful that there is a lovely cafe/bakery in the building next door to my office. Also bonus that I made it there and back today without getting rained on.
  • I really like this skirt I bought from eShakti. Almost enough to take a selfie, even. almost. I feel somewhat Edwardian in it; it’s a long length with a laurel-wreath pattern embroidered at the waist and hem.
  • Had a good talk with Kaitlin in the Pediatrics department this morning
  • Got to say goodbye to Dr. Graves; didn’t realize tomorrow is her last day here at the SoDM! Very glad I ran into her and got to tell her that she’s awesome and I’ll miss her.
  • Led Zepplin
  • I got complimented about my outfit by a stranger when I went for a walk at lunch.
  • I do not have many meetings on Thursdays
  • I figured out that report for Dr. Schincaglia, yay! I love it when I figure something out.
  • Feeling better now than this morning. Talking with some friends and getting work done (oh that accomplishment feeling!) helped.

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Things I learned from my Dad

Someone had a meme on Facebook last week “What is one thing you learned from your father?” and a lot of people posted lovely things. It took me a moment, because it was hard to pick just one. So in gratitude of my Daditude, I present this list:

  • How to change a tire
  • How to cook meatloaf, spaghetti, baked chicken and many other dishes
  • To watch out for the aisle end displays in the grocery store and always check the price per unit/price per ounce!
  • Rotate stock; always put the new cans in the back and keep the oldest in front.
  • How to mix a good flesh tone with paints
  • The proportions of the face; “Give your sister the intelligence she has, not the intelligence you THINK she has!” he joked. The eyes are in the center of the head, not toward the top. You need more forehead.
  • How to play chess
  • To stop and turn up the radio when a good song comes on
  • To conserve water and care about the environment
  • In stained glass, you want to avoid large, unsupported curves.
  • Don’t draw on another person’s artwork.
  • The parsley served as garnish at restaurants is edible.
  • Add glycerin to your bubble mix for stronger, longer lasting bubbles. Also, bubble wand action and that bubbles are awesome.
  • How to fake throw a ball to a dog
  • How to braid my hair
  • How to skip a rock and throw a frisbee
  • Always put your name or initials on your tools
  • How to appreciate art
  • Main street is a slight down-grade from route 84, so if no one is behind you, you can coast all the way down it. Also the tracks on Fariport Nursery Road are uneven, so if you go over them a little fast it tickles your tummy 🙂
  • How to ride a shopping cart full of groceries most of the way to the car
  • To observe nature

Sure, he taught me some bad habits too, and the goofy grin and sense of humor may be genetic rather than learned, but I do appreciate all he’s taught me. I have a pretty great Dad.


Weekend Update

The University has this policy that non-clinical staff can leave work at 3pm on Friday during June and July; mostly I don’t get to take advantage of it because of my 3pm Friday meeting with my boss… but this week he moved our meeting earlier in the day and I did. I got home nice and early and… took a long nap. It was lovely. Feel a little guilty that I didn’t use that time productively; the husband was all excited about taking an afternoon walk with me, but… I needed the nap.

Note: Friday also had the major accomplishment of getting my new parking pass. Today I parked in my new lot for the first time. Much closer to the building and more secure. Yay! I also bought a baguette at the Fluffy Duck and brought it home as a surprise for the husband.

Saturday was a friend’s birthday party at a park. I really wanted to go and had a lot of angst about it. I knew my husband was against the idea. He’s so angry lately about people not wearing masks and not social distancing and not getting vaccinated… but it was outside, and as far as I knew most of the people were vaccinated. And it was fancy dress, and we all know I like dressing fancy.

Did not start off well though; my 1912 outfit was less finished than I thought. I needed to be pinned into it (which meant enlisting the already disgruntled husband to do the pinning.) Right away when we arrived someone questioned our wearing masks “you know you’re vaccinated and don’t have to wear a mask.” which just angered the already crabby husband. It made the rest of the afternoon quite strained. We left early.

I was exhausted and took a nap when we got home. It helped, I felt a lot better and went for a nice walk and suggested we get take out for dinner. Must remember Pannini’s sandwiches are that big and not order a side of fries next time. It was delicious though! We even ate it on our back patio, which was nice. And I took some scissors and cut down the lily and daisy stems after dinner. Felt good to do a little gardening, and the plants did look better with the old stems trimmed off.

My coworker Rich as having a backyard campfire for his birthday, but the husband was dead set against any more socializing and it was threatening to thunderstorm anyway so we stayed in and watched the Olympics instead.

Sunday I struggled to be productive. We went for a long morning walk, which was nice. I did manage to do some knitting, which was a major accomplishment as the knitting project has been sitting in the penalty box for over a week. It was hard to pick it up again… but I’m so close to done on it, better to push forward. I also made a crock pot of chicken curry for my lunches this week. It was pretty easy; I had a jar of pre-made sauce so just dumped chicken and veggies into the crock pot with the sauce and walked away. Made some rice when it was done and ladled it into the tupperware. voila! lunch!

Been feeling unaccomplished lately. Trying to focus on what I have done, rather than what I’ve not done.


Thursday Gratitude

Well, eventually I was going to forget to post Thursday Gratitude on Thursday. Just remembered this morning as I was driving in to work! oops! But Gratitude is important, and I am grateful for:

  • My auto mechanic. It’s good to have a mechanic I trust, and very happy to have working AC in the Prius again!
  • My pink eShakti dress (with matching mask!)
  • Deb at work, who gave me post-its.
  • Nancy and Greg have access to the database! Yay!
  • JoAnn’s had masks on sale, two for a dollar. I picked up a few including one that matches my dress I’m wearing today. *twirl*
  • I am the proud owner of a new parking pass. Apparently they moved everyone from lot 14 to lot 82 (that’s why it’s been so empty!) I called asking if I could move to 82 (it’s nicer and closer to the building) and was told “You were supposed to have already moved there.” heh. Anyway, better late than never. It’s a much nicer lot with an actual gate and guard! feel safer already.
  • Boss moved our afternoon meeting to the morning so he could get out early… which also means I can get out early!


Thursday Gratitude

Hey, it’s Thursday and I’ve remembered to post gratitude, go me! Today I am grateful for many things:

  • The Fluffy Duck cafe is still open and providing me with lattes. Their croissants are awesome, by the way.
  • Both Amy and Candice were very affectionate this morning. The kitties do make my morning more pleasant!
  • I’ve made it a full week working at the office and I’ve packed lunch every day. Go me.
  • Mediavision lent me a cool microphone/speaker for recording axiUm training. Those guys rock.
  • My crazy cat lady dress
  • My office decor. I think I did a great job of making the office my own and covering up the white white white walls.
  • I am a team player and proactive; I keep coming up with new solutions to problems. I see possibilities more than roadblocks.
  • kitten photos on facebook.


Pandemic depression

To be honest, I’m not doing well. I’ve had depression my whole life, and the Pandemic has not been good for it.

One struggle has been just how un-even each of our experiences has been. My husband has a higher fear than I do; and I’ve had to go with his comfort level because we live together. I had my sister over and we talked in the back yard… but we weren’t 6 feet apart (we did wear masks!) and he was livid. I apologized; I don’t get to tell him what is safe for him. And next time Marie came over I marked 6 feet out on the ground with tape so we wouldn’t over-step. He’s relaxed a bit since then; he now agrees that take-out food is OK and we’ve indulged in take out a few times. Last weekend we went into a friend’s home for the first time. I know Marie’s fear level is lower than mine; she’s done a lot of things I wouldn’t (like eat on a restaurant patio.) So here we are, on a spectrum of fear… my husband Mark on one end, then me, then my sister Marie, then the next person…

There are people out there right now, having a great time. Going to concerts and parties and eating in restaurants. Some of them think the pandemic was just a big hoax, others that it’s all done now. I admit, I’m jealous of them. I’d love to be happy right now. But we’re only at roughly 50% vaccinated in Ohio.

They said if we hit 80% vaccinated, we could do these things. When not enough people got the shot, they said, OK, we’re only at 47%, so… vaccinated people can do these things. And unvaccinated people ran out in droves, happy it was ‘over.’ A friend is having a party “We ask only vaccinated people attend” and that’s great… but I think it’s a safe bet unvaccinated will attend. There’s no way to police it. (Seriously, I’d lay a wad of cash on unvaccinated attendees. I think it’s a sure thing.)

Children can’t be vaccinated, but they all have to go back to school. Am I the only one afraid of an outbreak?

I want us to be at 80% vaccinated, I want to feel good that the pandemic is actually ending. I can’t feel that right now. And I feel… alone. Left out. Isolated on my spot on the spectrum of fear.


A Day in the Life – Home and Office comparison

Day 5 of back to the office and I find myself musing about the differences between working here on campus and working from home.

At the Office:

  • 7 am – Alarm goes off. I generally wake before the alarm and turn it off so I don’t wake the husband
  • Pet both cats. Wash up; generally Candice will jump up on to the toilet to be pet while I brush my teeth.
  • 7:15 am – Get dressed,
  • 7:20 am – Kiss sleeping husband on the forehead and go downstairs. Pack my phone, tablet and wallet into my briefcase if they’re not there already. Tidy up any cups left out last night. Eat a bowl of cereal, maybe do a sudoku puzzle while I do so.
  • 7:40 am – in the car, pulling out of the garage
  • 8:15 am – pull in to parking lot. There’s a shuttle to the building, but usually I just walk. It takes the same amount of time as the shuttle. (Though lots of people tell me it’s a bad neighborhood and I shouldn’t.) I like the walk.
  • 8:30 am – in my office. Turn on lights, my mp3 player, wash out coffee mug and maybe make coffee (or I run next door to the cafe and buy a coffee.) Change my shoes (I keep a pair of cute professional shoes in the office, I wear sneakers to and from.) check my calendar and email for anything urgent.
  • 9 am – Morning meeting, work begun in earnest. Day progresses much as it does at home, though there are run ins with coworkers “Oh! You’re here now! Full time?” and the inevitable “I know it’s not your job, but can I ask you…” I didn’t miss.
  • Noon – lunchtime, get in line in the break room for the microwave to heat my lunch, go back and eat at my desk. Go for a walk. The walk is dreary and unfun. Default is to circle the HEC building 4 times which takes about 30 minutes and is boring as boring gets. Sometimes I walk to the Art Museum; it takes about exactly 30 minutes to walk there, take one turn around the lagoon and walk back.
  • Afternoon – more work and clock watching and interruptions.
  • 5pm – change my shoes, turn off the lights and music; wash out my coffee mug if I’m feeling generous to tomorrow Grace. Walk to car
  • 5:15 pm – leave parking lot and start the long struggle home in rush hour traffic.
  • 6 pm ish – get home. Husband has dinner made, yay. Just want to lay down and sleep, but eat dinner and maybe go for an after dinner walk with the husband.
  • evening – make my lunch for tomorrow. Pick out clothes to wear and set them out. It feels like my entire life is work and prep for work. Try to get to bed early so I can get a full night’s sleep. End up awake in bed with anxiety and thoughts unable to sleep until late.

Work from home:

  • 7 am – I’m still asleep
  • 8 am – alarm goes off, hit snooze at least once. Get up; pet both cats. Wash up, get dressed. Go for a walk around the block; which is heavenly. So peaceful, birds are chirping, maybe see a neighbor walking their dog or going for a morning run. 12 minutes max back home. Sometimes I stop and sit on the lawn chair in the back yard for a little bit before going in.
  • 8:30 am – Start the coffee pot, log on to computer, check calendar and email. Eat a bowl of cereal. Candice kitty jumps into my lap at my desk and curls up.
  • 9 am – morning meeting, husband wakes up. Candice jumps down to check out her favorite human now that he’s awake. work begins in earnest. After the meeting I go downstairs and get a fresh cup of coffee, check in with husband about how cute our cats are. (sometimes husband brings me my coffee while I’m in my meeting.)
  • noon – realize it’s noon. Usually because husband reminds me. Go downstairs for lunch; forage in fridge for something, sometimes make lunch for me and husband. Sandwich, hummus and pita, bowl of soup; quick, convenient and just what I want. After eating, husband and I go for a walk around the neighborhood. Usually only 22 or 26 minutes, but it’s lovely. We talk about things, enjoy the weather and trees.
  • afternoon – more work, very few interruptions, I get up sometimes just to stretch, get more coffee. Husband may have a cute cat video to show me or a question about what to make for dinner. Sometimes I take things out to defrost for dinner on one of these little breaks.
  • 4:45 pm – confirm what’s for dinner with husband, get things ready, go back up to finish one more thing before the end of the day.
  • 5:15 pm – shut down my computer for the day, cook dinner or help the husband cook dinner.
  • Evening – Maybe go for an after dinner walk with the husband, generally relax and hang around the house. Pick out something to wear tomorrow before I go to bed. Generally go to bed later than I should. But if I am too tired, tomorrow I can attend the morning meeting in my pajamas since we’re never on camera anyway and get dressed after it, eh?

Pros for working from Home:

  • zero commute time
  • Private bathroom! with a bidet and nice soap and quality paper products.
  • No risk of getting mugged on the way to or from the office, or traffic accidents.
  • Access to husband and cats
  • healthy food choices are the easy default
  • Can still work if I’m not feeling well without taking a sick day
  • No interruptions from random coworkers
  • Control over the temperature controls
  • Lovely neighborhood for walks
  • Present in case of emergency or to receive a package, have someone work on the house, etc.
  • Can take a nap at lunchtime if I need it.

Pros for working at the office:

  • Faster internet speed
  • Getting to see people and chat about random non-work things. Hurts productivity, but it is nice to chat.
  • My actual office and office furniture is very nice
  • Coffee house in easy reach. Also a con, can see weight increasing. Many bad food choices are now the easy default option.

Have to say; I am a member of the growing number of workers out there who are adding ‘ability to work from home’ on their job requirements.

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Weekend Update

On Saturday the husband had a brilliant idea; we would go to the fabric store to pick up elastic and ribbon so he could fix his favorite mask and then go to one of our favorite restaurants nearby and get a take-away lunch. He put our folding chairs in the car and we parked under a tree and had a lovely little picnic. Sadly, they did not have key lime pie, but it was lovely nonetheless. 🙂

On Monday we went to the Metro parks early for a walk in the shade before it got too hot. Otherwise it was a good weekend of getting things done.

Costuming Update:

I finished attaching the new lining to the bodice of my 1780s dress. Yay! I still need to finish the inside hems on the lining, but first I want to put on my corset and try on the dress and make sure it still closes. (meep!)

I also discovered my pink linen cotehardie which I had left draped over a chair to be repaired. The seams had split at the back shoulders. Yea verily, I repaired it and put it back in the closet! That felt good.

Also, one of our lingerie bags lost its zipper pull and I impressed the husband by re-attaching it. I has skillz.

Knitting Update:

I am on the last row of the circular shawl. Woot! Soon I shall be able to cast off, huzzah! I’ve read the cast off directions and… I think I actually understand them. (Famous last words?)

Mental Health Update:

One of the things I struggle with is being able to say what I want. It has to be frustrating for my poor husband. Anyway, for ages now I’ve wanted to take a photo of me with my hair down; a vanity picture. It was especially hard for me to mention such a selfish desire…. but this weekend I did. I asked my husband to take a picture of me with my hair down in the sunlight… and he did. 🙂 So yay for me for speaking up and asking for something for myself!


Thursday Gratitude

It is important to be grateful. Today is my first day back in my office since March 2020. I’m not happy about being back on campus, so gratitude is important now. I am grateful:

  • Very grateful that I was able to work remotely for most of the Pandemic
  • Grateful I got one monitor hooked up; want two monitors, but I’ll take one over none, heh.
  • It was nice saying Hi to some of my work friends I’ve not seen in forever.
  • The Fluffy Duck cafe is still open
  • Traffic was light this morning, I had no problem getting in on time
  • My mask matches my dress
  • Past me really set up this office well. Lots of good conveniences for me; blazer for when it’s cold (like now, they have the AC cranked in this building!) coffee cup warmer, hand sanitizer, well done past me.
  • Despite all of my anxiety over returning to the office, I was able to calm myself and get to sleep last night. This is an accomplishment to be much grateful for!
  • My shoes I left in the office are OK 🙂 and my ancient iPod