Thursday Gratitude

So cranky, so in need of gratitude.

Today I am grateful for:

  • The Mindfulness class at work had an opening so I’m in. Yay. Need me some mindfulness!
  • My husband had exactly the same reaction to that Gilette ad as me. I love him. πŸ™‚
  • My cats
  • I’m enjoying The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime. Grateful my husband got that, I never would have on my own, I’m just too cheap.
  • I finished knitting a hat for work friend’s baby. I love that just-finished project feeling!
  • I’m really looking forward to the software conference I’m going to later this month.
  • Martin Luther King Jr.
  • I’m looking forward to the embroidery panel on Saturday
  • Had a good lunch date with the doppelganger and she gave me a copy of the latest issue of F&SF πŸ™‚ Very happy that her writing career is taking off!
  • My tablet was NOT broken, just out of battery *whew!*
  • WordPress saved this as my computer rebooted. Thank you browser!



Hair Care Resolution

Those of you who know me, know I have long hair. I love my long hair, despite how it clogs pipes and disables the vacuum cleaner regularly. Recently I’ve noted how it’s not grown an inch in 10 years and in fact may have gotten a bit shorter due to my neglect of it. Generally I leave it in a braid or a bun and ignore it. Split ends were rampant, straw-like unhappy locks. So this year I’ve resolved to take better care of my hair.

Since I like to keep things quantifiable, I asked my husband to measure my hair for a baseline. He chose to do from the floor up as easier than from the head down… 14 inches from the floor. Hair is in a marked V at the bottom, very thin at the longest point.

Now for the plan of action, devised after seconds of grueling internet search:

1. Shampoo the top only. I knew this was a thing, but haven’t been doing it. Bonus; saves on shampoo. Obviously if I fall in a mud puddle or other such disaster I will shampoo all and take no prisoners, but for regular showering, shampoo only goes on the scalp to shoulder-level at max.

2. Cold water rinse at the end of the shower. This is a new thing to me, not sure what the physics is behind it, but the Internet says it’s a good thing so I shall do it.

3. 10 minutes before shower apply oil to hair from shoulder line down. Currently I have a Shae butter and seaweed mask thing I bought that I’ll use until I can get my hands on the recommended unprocessed coconut oil and other essential oils. (Pondering if I can use olive oil because… you know, it’s in the kitchen already?)

4. Trim split ends

The internet also recommends gettingΒ  a silk or satin pillow… I’m too cheap to invest in new pillowcases, but I’ll keep that on the back burner if the mood strikes me. Other things I already do (don’t shampoo too often, brush from the bottom up, natural boar bristle brush, etc.)

Anyway, blog, let’s see if it works, eh?


Thursday Gratitude

Today I am grateful for:

  • Remembering to post gratitude
  • Dr. Aminosharae gave me a kit kat bar and a coffee
  • Our department assistant, Ray.
  • I really did get a lot done at work. I’ve started keeping a log of what I do and that’s helped my self esteem a bit I think and shed light on where all the time is going. Thank you to my friend for the good advice.
  • Husband made amazing meatloaf for dinner
  • Hubby and I got to carpool to work together for 14 and a half years, that was pretty awesome.
  • My lovely cats, and that they cuddle with each other, makes me so happy to see a puddle of cat in the easy chair πŸ™‚
  • Our new training environment is working, woot.
  • The beautiful necklace my husband gave me for Christmas. I wore it today and got compliments because it’s awesome.
  • My wonderful husband ❀
  • Very, very grateful I went to rapier practice last night. It felt good. I was sloppy and bad, but gosh it felt good.



Thursday Gratitude

First gratitude of the new year… I believe in the importance of gratitude in our lives. It does help. But it’s a muscle we don’t exercise much. I think generally we are wired to always pay attention to problems, a survival instinct. Look for the mountain lion about to kill you, not the pretty flower that smells nice.

So here I am, taking a break from my work-day stress panic I’m-never-getting-all-this-done and being grateful comma dammit.

  • First and foremost… I do have gainful employment with health benefits. This should never be taken for granted!
  • Got to chat a little with Dr. Love yesterday, he’s a sweetheart. Faculty like him make this a better place to work.
  • Rich took a ticket from me.
  • I have two beautiful little kittens at home ❀
  • I have a lunch date with my husband today
  • The new training system for the students works, woot.
  • I finished my little whitework embroidery kit I bought on vacation. It was fun. Also, have an amazon gift card and the RSN has an whitework embroidery book 0:)
  • The metroparks
  • Husband figured out what was wrong with his one drone and fixed it, yay!
  • My new shirt. Saw NY & Co was having a sale and went in… is cute. And business-y. win.



New Year’s Resolutions

I think one of the problems with New Year’s Resolutions is over-reaching… I always have too many of them, am too ambitious. It’s that up swell of optimism of a new year, maybe. But you set yourself up for failure when you resolve to do 900 million things.

I do have a lot of goals. I’m a very goal-oriented person so I keep adding those as I go. Going to try to restrain myself on this list… here goes, 2019 Resolutions:

1. I resolve to take better care of my hair. My sad locks are shorter now than they were in Jan 2018, and that’s because of neglect.Β  I will trim split ends, condition and take better care of my hair. Anyone know where to buy jojoba oil? πŸ™‚

2. I resolve to come up with a stress management plan for this year at work. There’s a lot on my plate and a lot of pressure… part of dealing with the work load has to be taking care of the me that has to do it all.

3. Use my Habitica to-do list more and maintain my Duolingo streak

4. Start up DDP Yoga again and GO TO FENCING PRACTICE. Exercise will help a lot with stress and health and stuff. Got to make space for it in my life and commit to it.Β  What’s a reasonable goal? There are 3 rapier practices a month… can I commit to making at least 1 practice a month? 6 events in a year? yeah. That sounds do-able.

5. Learn a musical instrument πŸ™‚ hee, this is a gimmie because I was challenged to do so and already started that plan. I played my first song ever yesterday; hot cross buns. Woot. Go me! three notes! hee.

OK, that is more than enough! I have other projects, obviously gold thread, Merovingian outfit, etc. But let’s not make this list a mile long, eh? OK, go team! Do the thing!

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Year in review – best of times, worst of times

So much happened in my life in 2018… it was a bit of a roller coaster and when I look back at some of the things earlier in the year it feels like another lifetime ago.

Just a summary, this year:

  • Saw those 15th century bronze mourners at the CMA
  • Started a staff coffee break (and it ran each month for the year, go me!)
  • Tooth Fairy
  • Went to UCONN to look at their dental simulators
  • The Olympics, I forgot about them… loved the Cinderella story of the Curling team
  • Went to the ADEA conference, what an experience
  • Went to Disney World! πŸ™‚
  • Taught girl scouts to draw
  • Attended the Women of Power conference
  • Forging day with Halim, we bought him a gift certificate to make a knife for the previous christmas, best gift ever, quite possibly.
  • Presented at Research ShowCASE
  • I made a Laurel scroll for one friend, organized a group project for the Laurel scroll for another friend (I did the drawing and ink, very time consuming bit!) and a Purple Fret for another, and here I thought I hadn’t been an active scribe.
  • Finished the Royal Archery Hunt, got my Dragon’s Barb
  • Went to many SCA events and Pennsic, though I had a horrid time there.Β  The Tournament of Arts in January, the Laurel Retreat in February, Our Baronial 40th Anniversary event
  • Went on vacation to France, lots of great museum visits, such a great vacation. All because husband found cheap tickets. Really the high point of the year I think.
  • I applied for several jobs, and got one of them! A promotion no less, lots of stress involved along the way though.
  • Bought my husband stripes for his car as a birthday surprise
  • We got new siding on the house and garage, a new bathroom vanity and re-built the front flower bed
  • Took the niece to her first Baseball game
  • I knit my first doily and a full lace shawl
  • I learned to carve wood
  • I survived the Orthodontics axiUm implementation, t’was a near thing. But I think it’s what pushed me over the top as a candidate for the new job. The outgoing director didn’t think we’d roll out on time with both of us working on it, I got it on time with just me. It was ugly, inelegant but gosh darn it, I did it.
  • My cat died 😦
  • A lot of death this year, to be honest. My college roommate’s husband, a friend’s father, another friend’s father, my friend Pete, Garvin’s son, my champion Bernard… this falls in the ‘worst of times’ category.
  • Met Arthur the Corgi (highlight)
  • Organized a family canoe trip for Father’s day
  • We adopted two wonderful kitties, one of whom is asleep in my lap right now even. πŸ™‚
  • Our trip to England for the 100th anniversary of Remembrance day
  • I was sick a lot.
  • Merovingian research project, I’ve got quite a full notebook.
  • My husband started a Kingdom Embroidery guild, and there was suddenly more doing of embroidery!
  • I became the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Science’s drop dead Deputy and the North Oaken Regional Minister of Arts and Sciences. Figured out reporting on the new web portal.
  • Reconnected with my Aunt Ronna
  • Almost forgot our website transition that I didn’t do so great on as it was happening at the same time as the Ortho transition, talk about stress.

Wow, no wonder I’m tired! My weight is up, my average steps per day is down, not surprising when there was so much stress going on. Even some of the good things were stressful things. *whew* That was a lot.



Thursday Gratitude

I have much to be grateful for here, this last gratitude of an eventful year…

  • First off, christmas family gathering was a success once more. *whew!*
  • We had plenty of food, glad Aunt Sue brought egg rolls, was a lovely addition to the spread. People actually took leftovers too so we weren’t left with a fridge full (or rather, not as full as it would’ve been, heh.)
  • Nothing broke, there was a spill, but no stain. *whew!*
  • I managed to get the lid of the tureen cleaned of tarnish seconds before guests arrived. I may have been freaking out a bit, husband bore with me admirably.
  • The kittens are super adorable. Mary-Beth gifted them these little ‘cherry’ crinkle-ball toys… OMG they went nuts! Batting and biting and chasing them all over! Must ask her where she got them for when they are destroyed so we can replace.
  • Very very very grateful work gave us these three days off. Needed the day off after to recover!
  • We saw the lights at Nela park, how have I lived in Euclid for 14 years and not known about this?
  • Marie got me a membership to the Cleveland Museum of Art for a present, yay! We used it today to go to the Valois Tapestry exhibit, very cool. Plus we managed to snag a street parking spot so saved money there.
  • We had our traditional Thursday lunch at Jimmy Johns.
  • Very glad Aunt Sue was able to come to Christmas. ❀
  • Mark got me the necklace I wanted to buy in York but didn’t. ❀ What a wonderful man! He also got me a teacup πŸ™‚
  • The tradition of leaving all the Christmas decor up until 12th night because I sure as heck don’t want to take all this stuff down! heh.
  • Tim liked his gift, I was proud to have thought of something for him other than the usual bottle of scotch we give him every year.
  • Habitica has an option for daily tasks to only be on specific days so I was able to add Thursday Gratitude to my to do list πŸ™‚