Weekend Update

Work continues to be very stressful. Trying to keep my head down and just keep slogging forward. More done is more done, right?

So I was very happy that waiting for me after work Friday was pizza and hang out time with Pietro and Aurellia. ๐Ÿ™‚ They came over to work on a silk banner with expert(ish) guidance from me and the husband.ย  And a lot of pizza eating and chatting. It was lovely. On Saturday Pietro came over to finish painting and we were quite the artistic household, husband embroidering, me working on a scroll andย  Pietro painting on a banner.

Then we went over to my sister-in-law’s house to do laundry (our washing machine is kaput. New one arrives Wednesday) and mostly pet her cats and drink coffee.

Sunday we went to a friend’s house north of Columbus for an archery practice and also so I could get a box of stuff from the outgoing Regional Minister of Arts and Sciences, Anya, as I’m the incoming Minister. Mostly though it was to pet the corgi puppy. (OMG! SO CUTE!!!!)

We were exhausted when we got home, the sun and the heat did a number on us.

In all though, what a great weekend of hanging out with friends โค Just what I needed to recover from my work week!


Thursday Gratitude

Work has been crazy stressful so it can be hard to be grateful, but I do have much to be grateful for!

  • First and foremost, my long-suffering husband who was been wonderfully supportive while I’ve been grumpy, tired and angsty this past couple weeks.
  • My go-to comfort food is cheap and easy to acquire and tastes EXACTLY like it did when I was a kid. May you never change, Kraft Mac-N-Cheese. Oh that fake fake cheese, how I love it. Tastes like nostalgia.
  • Hubby took me to Muldoon’s for dinner Tuesday, apple-tini was lovely. Probably shouldn’t’ve had two but it was a pleasant evening, heh.
  • The weather is glorious
  • Dr. Faddoul sprang for coffee for the meeting on Wednesday
  • I am a much stronger person than I used to be (I know I say that a lot, but it’s true! and I do marvel at it.) 25 year old me would have never challenged a supervisor’s mark of 3 out of 5 like 44 year old me just did. Nor directly addressed my problems with his leadership style. Damn, who is this woman? Where did she get that backbone???
  • At least my annual review is over with. And my raise is on the not-horrid side for the institution.
  • The two top priority Orthodontics department axiUm transition items are complete or nearly so! (So stressed about this transition!)
  • Helpful support personnel. Must remember one does not have to figure it out on ones own. You can ask for help. And OMG help is awesome! Much love to our software vendor โค
  • Downton Abbey, I could just keep watching it over and over on loop, heh.
  • Pretty dresses



Weekend Update

Lovely weather and a weekend at home, who could ask for more?

We worked on the yard. It is now less horrible. Go team! Mostly husband, truth be told. I was feeling under the weather Saturday. It was odd, but went away, thankfully. Sunday I was more helpful. Plans for the great flower bed rebuild underway!

We binge-watched Downton Abbey and finished the final season. I do love season 6, I’m a sucker for happy endings and it’s chock full of them. This time around I couldn’t help but wondering if Lord Merton’s daughter-in-law wasn’t actually poisoning him, which makes Mrs. Crawley and Countess Violet’s rescue all the better. ๐Ÿ™‚ Trying to fight the urge to begin re-watching again from Season 1. I do love all the clothes! What a great time for fashion in history.

Sunday we had dinner with the niece-in-law and her hubby, very pleasant.

Knitting Update: Have about 32 rows before the end of the middle section and the beginning of the 48 row border. woot! This shawl will be done soon. I am quite pleased with it!

Merovingian Update: Spent some time looking through a book of Early Christian Manuscript Illumination; at least I’ve gotย  some good images of what folks were wearing in Italy during the Merovingian era. It helps build an argument for fashions. Also have started pleating my blue wool. Only two rows of stitching done on the first body panel, it’ll be slow going but steady. The wool is harder to pleat than linen. Still working my way through “From Attila to Charlemagne” Good note from the most recent article pointed out the shift in fashions around the year 600.


Thursday gratitude – Friday edition

Had a super busy day at work yesterday and once getting home I was good and did the dishes instead of updating blog. Mea culpa. (I am awfully glad I got those dishes done though. I do hate a dirty kitchen.)

So forgiving myself for the lapse ๐Ÿ™‚ and posting Gratitude today. I am grateful for:

  • A healthier level of self esteem than I ever recall having before. Go me.
  • My swishy silk skirt
  • Cooler temperatures!
  • I survived yesterday’s Ortho meeting and this morning’s axiUm training for the new Endo and Perio residents. *whew*
  • Have a carpool with my sis-in-law for going home tonight (Husband, and most of the University, got to go home at 3pm. thus the need for carpool.)
  • I got my coffee made before this morning’s training session. It was a near thing. heh.
  • There are enough Star Trek characters to populate a whole classroom with fake test patients. (I do hope at least some of the residents knew who Jadzia Dax and Miles O’Brien are.)
  • Dr. Hans, the Ortho department chair, was singing my praises. That’s always nice to hear. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • All the residents showed up to training. They seemed appreciative too.
  • The Chrome books we use for training. Such a great tool. This would have been so hard to take on without them!
  • I only have another 48 rows or so before I start the end band on my shawl I’m knitting. The end is nigh! Really loving it. I see more lace knitting in my near future.
  • Had a good talk with the girl apprentice yesterday. Very glad she reached out to me.


Last night, as we sat there, watching TV and I could hear the fireworks going off elsewhere in town I turned to my husband and wistfully said “Doesn’t it make you sad to not see the fireworks?” He was surprised, he didn’t realize that I’d wanted to see them. Once again I was far too subtle. I swear I did mention fireworks several times, but he didn’t recall. (Probably because I did it in a very soft, casual way like “Have you heard when the city is doing fireworks this year?” and dropping the subject when I didn’t get a response. I really must learn to enunciate my wishes.)

Husband was mortified. We went up to the attic to see if we could see the fireworks from the attic window; alas too many trees. He promised me next year we will see them. And yes, he really doesn’t care to. Fireworks for him are crowds and mosquitoes. But then, he got to see them every summer as a child. We only got to see fireworks a few times. We always wanted to see them, but in the Mom years we didn’t.ย  And when we were with our Dad, he took us to a large barbecue his friends did every fourth of July, which only had a few small amateur fireworks, nothing like the big city displays. We did love the pig roast, don’t get me wrong, but the fireworks denied are a strong pull.



Merovingian Update – Pleats!


So I’ve been procrastinating on starting this tunic because I decided I wanted pleats. And I was afraid I’d muck them up.

I did a YouTube search for sewing pleats to get some tips and hopefully confidence and saw some videos on using a fork to make pleats. (Such fun!) Well, I thought, if I had a fork that was 5 mm wide, I could use that method to make even pleats without fussing with marking up the fabric and measuring or math. (I love math, but I also hate it. Sorry Math.)

A search in the basement for something that was fork like I could use yielded a little light bulb with two prongs on the bottom (Not sure what tool this came off of, I asked the husband, he didn’t know either so it’ smine now. :)) The prongs were 5 mm apart! Perfect!

Up to the sewing room. Put edge of fabric on machine, put needle down. Use tool to roll a pleat against the needle. Put foot down, make two stitches, raise foot and repeat. I tried first with the sewing machine and my wool fabric, that didn’t go great, it was all uneven and fluffy. May be the wool, I thought. So I tried again on a scrap of linen. Better… but still not even.ย  Stopping every two stiches because of the size of the pleat was time consuming, show why not just do it by hand?

I took the opposite edge of my linen scrap and did just that and lo! Much more even, and really about the same amount of time. Insert, fold, remove, stitch. Insert, fold, remove, stitch.

Now, that’s all well and good to pleat the top edge, but I need pleats going down the length of the fabric! That either means pressing with an iron (I tried, it was not a good result.) or stitching the pleats. I turned the fabric over to the ‘back’ side, and ran a row of tacking stitches along my pleats. It was easier than I thought!

Anyway, very successful pleating experiment. Up next; trying it on the wool again. ๐Ÿ™‚ If it doesn’t go well I may do my undertunic out of linen because linen.

Photos of the experiment are on my Flickr account:

Pleating Experiment

Thursday Gratitude

And again it’s been a busy week and I never wrote about the weekend! Mea culpa. Had things planed for Saturday and Sunday and they fell through. Hardly remember what I did do instead! Was very glad of the break, however. Husband baked potica (Yum!)

I am, naturally, grateful for many things, including:

  • A husband who enjoys baking!
  • We got to have dinner with friends on Tuesday night and it was lovely.
  • Finally had the demo of new Dental Simulators at work, been working on arranging that since April!
  • GoFundMe, have been able to help many friends this way. Glad the service exists.
  • the Amazon Workspaces work for tomorrow’s training *whew!*
  • Air conditioning