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Costume Inventory

So, back in 2005 I posted an inventory of all of my costumes:

I’m quite surprised how short the list was! Now… it is much longer. Heh. I wonder if I even can list it all…

  • Late 16th century “Joker” Jacket and skirt ensemble
  • 16th century Persian coats – heavy overcoat, blue silk overcoat, peacock coat, purple coat, black chemise, linen chemise, silk-cotton chemise, and many pants, pink silk, striped cotton, striped linen, two printed cotton
  • 16th century (1520s) Cranach gown and accessories
  • 16th century (1520s) French ‘Tudor’ dress
  • “Brunileschii” Italian dress, early 16th century
  • Three 1520s kirtles, one green, one white and one dark blue
  • 1470s/1480s Burgundian gowns (2) with accessories (silk wedding dress and my cotton brocade bumming around one)
  • Burgundian kirtles (under-dresses) – green and white wool kirtles, red wool wedding kirtle, yellow linen kirtle
  • early 15th century Houpelande – the Cleft-a-londe 🙂
  • 14th century – pink linen cotehardie, blue wool tippeted over-dress, blue cotton brocade sideless surcoat, red wool cotehardie (also worn under houpe)
  • 14th century Chinese ensemble
  • 13th century tunic and cyclas – green, blue and burgundy linen cyclases
  • Under-tunics used for 11th, 12th and 13th century outfits – pink, white, purple (getting a little ratty), green (all linen)
  • 12th century bliauts – green and gold ‘German’ bliaut, pink silk/wool bliaut with copper silk trim (tight on me right now), green silk bliaut which is in the mending pile, blue linen bliaut
  • 11th century magenta wool tunic, raw silk tunic from Katy’s wedding
  • one red wool Viking Apron Dress ™ and matching cap
  • My original ‘bliaut’ cotton broadcloth tunic from when I was an SCA newbie 🙂

I guess I do have plenty of garb. I also have many non-SCA costumes:

  • 1880s Victorian jacket and skirt in an unimpressive cotton broadcloth
  • 1910s swimsuit ensemble 🙂
  • 1770s Colonial dress, cotton
  • 5 modern kimonos
  • A really horrid Regency I want to re-do
  • A traditional French Maid costume, hee.
  • Original series Star Trek min-dress, Engineering Red. 🙂
  • Tooth Fairy costume

Costumes on the to do list or in the works:

  • A 1780s Polonaise gown
  • A new Regency
  • 1490s transitional Burgundian-Tudor dress (Have all the research done!)
  • “Cleveland Browns Fan” layered tunics
  • Wool 13th century cyclas
  • 1450s transitional houpelande

I’ll have to check my sewing room and costume closet when I get home and see if I forgot anything, hee.


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