Gold Thread Update

So a while back I decided to clean up and re-write my gold thread article to be more academic and full of proper citations and the like.

Today I went through my baggie of test samples and put them all into a spreadsheet (yay!) and discovered some gaps.
I need to test:

  • egg glair with bole
  • egg glair with bole and honey
  • fish glue
  • Fish glue with bole
  • Fish glue with bole and honey
  • Linseed oil (I know I tried it, but couldn’t find the sample, may give the art room a once over)
  • Linseed oil with bole
  • Linseed oil with bole and honey
  • hide glue bole and honey
  • gum ammoniac
  • gum ammoniac with bole
  • gum ammoniac with bole and honey
  • gum arabic (Suspect this won’t work well, it’s in gold paint recipes, not gilding recpies, may skip for time.)

Before I can do that, though, I’ll need a new batch of tawed intestine 🙂

Also have some tawed and gilt intestine sitting upstairs waiting to be cut into a strip, have to check my journal to see what size I used for it.


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