Weekend Update

I’ve already forgotten what we did Friday; I do remember chilli cheese fries for dinner (or tater tots, as was the case when I discovered we had no french fries in the freezer and no potatoes to make them the old fashioned way.) Oh! Yes, we watched a movie. heh. Finding Dory, very sweet!

Saturday was much yardwork and other work, then dinner with Ann and Jason at a fabulous French restaurant, Le Petit Triangle. My tummy rumbles at the thought of it. Yeah, I gained weight, WORTH IT! Also great company 🙂 ❤ Ann and Jason.

Sunday: More errands and yardwork, long walks.

Gold Thread Update: Brilliant realization; I still had the tawed instestine that split off of that broom handle in February 2015 (Embarrassing how long ago that was!) Anyway, used it for testing fish glue and linseed oil with bole and honey variations. 🙂 Linseed oil is still drying. I found the fish glue was great for sticking gold and had a high shine, however it was brittle and my first gilding size to show loss when rubbed and flexed. The addition of honey and bole made it a good choice, however. I also started prepping gum ammoniac. I bought the jar of gum ammoniac eons ago from Guild Mirandella, this is my first time using it. 🙂

I also finished gleaning references from Cennini and updated my document.


  • Make a batch of egg glair
  • Gild some more of the intestine I have wrapped around a dowel
  • sprial-cut the dowl
  • Test-spin the strip!
  • Look up a few more references from The Art of All Colours book.



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