Thursday Gratitude

Today I am grateful for many things:

  • Mostly my husband 🙂 I love him so much! So many people never find their special someone, I am so lucky to have found him. ❤
  • The Beatles
  • The drawstring slipped inside my favorite skirt, but I was able to nimbly retrieve it without difficulty this morning 🙂
  • I managed to buy the gift I had in mind for the husband’s birthday at a store last night *whew!* (I did have a plan B in mind if it wasn’t there, and a plan C!)
  • We’re getting air conditioning!!!
  • Gum ammoniac is apparently great for gilding, who knew. Grateful I bought a jar ages and eons ago.
  • Cake!
  • My work friends, have so many of them! ❤ Dr. Graves and Dr. J get mad props in particular.
  • Dr. Hans gave me his old mac to dispose of; bonus! the power supply fits my loaner mac, yay!

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