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Weekend Update

Saturday we had a lunch date with Dulcia so I could give her the patches I forgot to bring the previous weekend, lovely taco place in Rocky River. However the route we took there was… creative. And the route home was awful thanks to an oil spill on Route 90; freeway was a parking lot! We ended up exiting (slowly) at East 55th and taking the overland route home. After that ordeal we weren’t much fit for company!

Sunday was the niece’s birthday which was a quiet affair, cake, balloons and presents and she ran off to hang out with her friends. Got to hang out with Marie and Brian a bit, which was nice.

Sewing update:

Also got some sewing in, green under-tunic is progressing. Just need to do the underarm gussets and it’ll be ready for hemming! (The under-arm gussets are the fiddliest bit, so I procrastinate a bit.)

Gold thread update:

The membrane from the dowel rod is lovely, very thin and shiny. However it’s fragile and ripped on my while trying to spiral cut it off. Boo. Not sure if it’s because I stretched it too much or left it sit too long. The extant strips are as thin as I’m cutting so that’s not it, but the period gold leaf was thicker which may add to structural integrity.

I tried cutting with a single knife instead of my double-bladed exacto knife, didn’t help much. Not sure if my knife isn’t sharp enough or maybe just my technique is off.

Have two new books from OhioLink, I may be about done with cataloging gilding recipes from period, heh. I should have done this ages ago, but I didn’t need to as a hobbyist, you know?

The next big thing is spinning with dropspindle. I need a long enough membrane strip for that test. Scary! Also I am impatient. I so want to produce a good, usable thread.

Have decided, if I go to Pennsic next year I will teach gold thread.

Knitting update:

Started knitting a sock earlier in the week, spent a lot of quality time knitting this weekend, it’s looking great but last night I checked the size and… it’s way too small. Boo! Need to decide if I go on or frog it.


Thursday Gratitude

Today I am grateful for many things:

  • Mostly my husband 🙂 I love him so much! So many people never find their special someone, I am so lucky to have found him. ❤
  • The Beatles
  • The drawstring slipped inside my favorite skirt, but I was able to nimbly retrieve it without difficulty this morning 🙂
  • I managed to buy the gift I had in mind for the husband’s birthday at a store last night *whew!* (I did have a plan B in mind if it wasn’t there, and a plan C!)
  • We’re getting air conditioning!!!
  • Gum ammoniac is apparently great for gilding, who knew. Grateful I bought a jar ages and eons ago.
  • Cake!
  • My work friends, have so many of them! ❤ Dr. Graves and Dr. J get mad props in particular.
  • Dr. Hans gave me his old mac to dispose of; bonus! the power supply fits my loaner mac, yay!

Will you still love me?

Today is my husband’s 64th Birthday! So the Beatles song “When I’m 64” is quite firmly stuck on loop in my brain.

I remember my grandmother singing that song when I was a little girl, I assumed that was how old she was. It seemed an ancient and honorable age… now it seems a lot younger!

So the Beatles were right about me knitting a sweater quietly by the fireside and spending time weeding the garden, but not so much about the three grandchildren, Vera, Chuck and Dave. 🙂

Hubby is upbeat, tonight is cake and ice cream. And maybe I’ll look at prices for vacation cottages on the Isle of Wight (if it’s not too dear). We certainly do scrimp and save!


Weekend Update

I’ve already forgotten what we did Friday; I do remember chilli cheese fries for dinner (or tater tots, as was the case when I discovered we had no french fries in the freezer and no potatoes to make them the old fashioned way.) Oh! Yes, we watched a movie. heh. Finding Dory, very sweet!

Saturday was much yardwork and other work, then dinner with Ann and Jason at a fabulous French restaurant, Le Petit Triangle. My tummy rumbles at the thought of it. Yeah, I gained weight, WORTH IT! Also great company 🙂 ❤ Ann and Jason.

Sunday: More errands and yardwork, long walks.

Gold Thread Update: Brilliant realization; I still had the tawed instestine that split off of that broom handle in February 2015 (Embarrassing how long ago that was!) Anyway, used it for testing fish glue and linseed oil with bole and honey variations. 🙂 Linseed oil is still drying. I found the fish glue was great for sticking gold and had a high shine, however it was brittle and my first gilding size to show loss when rubbed and flexed. The addition of honey and bole made it a good choice, however. I also started prepping gum ammoniac. I bought the jar of gum ammoniac eons ago from Guild Mirandella, this is my first time using it. 🙂

I also finished gleaning references from Cennini and updated my document.


  • Make a batch of egg glair
  • Gild some more of the intestine I have wrapped around a dowel
  • sprial-cut the dowl
  • Test-spin the strip!
  • Look up a few more references from The Art of All Colours book.



Gold Thread Update

So a while back I decided to clean up and re-write my gold thread article to be more academic and full of proper citations and the like.

Today I went through my baggie of test samples and put them all into a spreadsheet (yay!) and discovered some gaps.
I need to test:

  • egg glair with bole
  • egg glair with bole and honey
  • fish glue
  • Fish glue with bole
  • Fish glue with bole and honey
  • Linseed oil (I know I tried it, but couldn’t find the sample, may give the art room a once over)
  • Linseed oil with bole
  • Linseed oil with bole and honey
  • hide glue bole and honey
  • gum ammoniac
  • gum ammoniac with bole
  • gum ammoniac with bole and honey
  • gum arabic (Suspect this won’t work well, it’s in gold paint recipes, not gilding recpies, may skip for time.)

Before I can do that, though, I’ll need a new batch of tawed intestine 🙂

Also have some tawed and gilt intestine sitting upstairs waiting to be cut into a strip, have to check my journal to see what size I used for it.

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Costume Inventory

So, back in 2005 I posted an inventory of all of my costumes:

I’m quite surprised how short the list was! Now… it is much longer. Heh. I wonder if I even can list it all…

  • Late 16th century “Joker” Jacket and skirt ensemble
  • 16th century Persian coats – heavy overcoat, blue silk overcoat, peacock coat, purple coat, black chemise, linen chemise, silk-cotton chemise, and many pants, pink silk, striped cotton, striped linen, two printed cotton
  • 16th century (1520s) Cranach gown and accessories
  • 16th century (1520s) French ‘Tudor’ dress
  • “Brunileschii” Italian dress, early 16th century
  • Three 1520s kirtles, one green, one white and one dark blue
  • 1470s/1480s Burgundian gowns (2) with accessories (silk wedding dress and my cotton brocade bumming around one)
  • Burgundian kirtles (under-dresses) – green and white wool kirtles, red wool wedding kirtle, yellow linen kirtle
  • early 15th century Houpelande – the Cleft-a-londe 🙂
  • 14th century – pink linen cotehardie, blue wool tippeted over-dress, blue cotton brocade sideless surcoat, red wool cotehardie (also worn under houpe)
  • 14th century Chinese ensemble
  • 13th century tunic and cyclas – green, blue and burgundy linen cyclases
  • Under-tunics used for 11th, 12th and 13th century outfits – pink, white, purple (getting a little ratty), green (all linen)
  • 12th century bliauts – green and gold ‘German’ bliaut, pink silk/wool bliaut with copper silk trim (tight on me right now), green silk bliaut which is in the mending pile, blue linen bliaut
  • 11th century magenta wool tunic, raw silk tunic from Katy’s wedding
  • one red wool Viking Apron Dress ™ and matching cap
  • My original ‘bliaut’ cotton broadcloth tunic from when I was an SCA newbie 🙂

I guess I do have plenty of garb. I also have many non-SCA costumes:

  • 1880s Victorian jacket and skirt in an unimpressive cotton broadcloth
  • 1910s swimsuit ensemble 🙂
  • 1770s Colonial dress, cotton
  • 5 modern kimonos
  • A really horrid Regency I want to re-do
  • A traditional French Maid costume, hee.
  • Original series Star Trek min-dress, Engineering Red. 🙂
  • Tooth Fairy costume

Costumes on the to do list or in the works:

  • A 1780s Polonaise gown
  • A new Regency
  • 1490s transitional Burgundian-Tudor dress (Have all the research done!)
  • “Cleveland Browns Fan” layered tunics
  • Wool 13th century cyclas
  • 1450s transitional houpelande

I’ll have to check my sewing room and costume closet when I get home and see if I forgot anything, hee.


Thursday Gratitude

Today I am grateful for many things:

  • Remembering to post Thursday Gratitude on Thursday 😉
  • I saw a hummingbird at our hummingbird feeder yesterday morning, yay! (We’ve been refilling it as it empties but until now had no confirmation it was a proper hummingbird eating it)
  • Have a dinner date Saturday with friends, yay 🙂
  • Blogging – been going through my old LJ and there are a lot of memories in there that would’ve been lost forever if I hadn’t blogged it so yay. 🙂
  • The ticket count is down at work *whew!*
  • We made it to the Mini dealer on time yesterday for hubby to collect his Mini (Grantham Alldridge) (We called it the Mini Day Spa ;))
  • That I have a husband who is so playful 🙂 Love him! (He named his rental Mini Burt. I love this man.)
  • What we thought was a weed in the front planter has turned out to be a pretty yellow flower. 🙂 Don’t know if we planted it or if nature did, but it’s lovely. I should take a picture.
  • Found a new Jullian Fellows series to watch on Amazon; Dr. Thorne. It’s set in the 1840s, love the dresses!
  • People who post pictures of cute baby animals on Facebook for me to see. Eeee! (Friend has some baby bunnies, so cute!)
  • My tangerine-colored linen-cotton shirt. Got it on sale at WinterSilks and LOVE IT. I would wear this every day if I could.