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Weekend Update

Saturday was the Dental School’s 125th Anniversary, I’d been looking forward to it but was hit by a killer bout of depression Thursday. Felt a little better Friday but by Saturday I still wasn’t really excited about facing humans. I did it anyway and I’m glad I did, it was a great shindig. Really good food and hey, I’m a team player or some such. 🙂

Sunday we went to archery practice and I did not shoot so bad at all. Got an actually good score on the first target of the seasonal shoot (my normal mediocre on the second target, but it’s still an improved score.) and improved my score from horrible to just lousy on the King’s challenge shoot. Starting to feel somewhat optimistic that this practicing strategy of mine will work out in the end.

On the sewing front I finally repaired my Colonial corset. May need to consider making a new one but for now… it is wearable.  Having issues getting the sleeves into my bodice for the new Colonial gown I’m making. Isn’t that always the way?


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Costume Inventory

So, back in 2005 I posted an inventory of all of my costumes:

I’m quite surprised how short the list was! Now… it is much longer. Heh. I wonder if I even can list it all…

  • Late 16th century “Joker” Jacket and skirt ensemble
  • 16th century Persian coats – heavy overcoat, blue silk overcoat, peacock coat, purple coat, black chemise, linen chemise, silk-cotton chemise, and many pants, pink silk, striped cotton, striped linen, two printed cotton
  • 16th century (1520s) Cranach gown and accessories
  • 16th century (1520s) French ‘Tudor’ dress
  • “Brunileschii” Italian dress, early 16th century
  • Three 1520s kirtles, one green, one white and one dark blue
  • 1470s/1480s Burgundian gowns (2) with accessories (silk wedding dress and my cotton brocade bumming around one)
  • Burgundian kirtles (under-dresses) – green and white wool kirtles, red wool wedding kirtle, yellow linen kirtle
  • early 15th century Houpelande – the Cleft-a-londe 🙂
  • 14th century – pink linen cotehardie, blue wool tippeted over-dress, blue cotton brocade sideless surcoat, red wool cotehardie (also worn under houpe)
  • 14th century Chinese ensemble
  • 13th century tunic and cyclas – green, blue and burgundy linen cyclases
  • Under-tunics used for 11th, 12th and 13th century outfits – pink, white, purple (getting a little ratty), green (all linen)
  • 12th century bliauts – green and gold ‘German’ bliaut, pink silk/wool bliaut with copper silk trim (tight on me right now), green silk bliaut which is in the mending pile, blue linen bliaut
  • 11th century magenta wool tunic, raw silk tunic from Katy’s wedding
  • one red wool Viking Apron Dress ™ and matching cap
  • My original ‘bliaut’ cotton broadcloth tunic from when I was an SCA newbie 🙂

I guess I do have plenty of garb. I also have many non-SCA costumes:

  • 1880s Victorian jacket and skirt in an unimpressive cotton broadcloth
  • 1910s swimsuit ensemble 🙂
  • 1770s Colonial dress, cotton
  • 5 modern kimonos
  • A really horrid Regency I want to re-do
  • A traditional French Maid costume, hee.
  • Original series Star Trek min-dress, Engineering Red. 🙂
  • Tooth Fairy costume

Costumes on the to do list or in the works:

  • A 1780s Polonaise gown
  • A new Regency
  • 1490s transitional Burgundian-Tudor dress (Have all the research done!)
  • “Cleveland Browns Fan” layered tunics
  • Wool 13th century cyclas
  • 1450s transitional houpelande

I’ll have to check my sewing room and costume closet when I get home and see if I forgot anything, hee.