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Archery Update

Shot Archery last night, scores improved over last week! I think last Thursday I scored a 6, 7, 8, 11, and 14. Last night I had an 11, 15 and 18!

As I quipped to one of the students “It’s like practice helps or something” heh, who knew?

Looking forward to next SCA archery practice to see if these improvements show on that range as well, alas we won’t be able to shoot Sunday because of Wedding Extravaganza.


Weekend Update – BrendokenFest

So hubby decreed that we should go to the BrendokenFest event Saturday, that’s how excited he is after Coronation! First time in a long time we did two events in a row.

I awoke bleary eyed and cranky Saturday. Thankfully the event was close enough and the start time for things late enough that we got to sleep in. Had an uneventful drive down. The lunch tavern was good, we shot archery. They had a team competition. Teams of 3 archers shooting 12 arrows each end. My team was me, hubby and Cadfan. We could’ve split the arrows amongst ourselves any way we liked (It would’ve been smart to give Edward extra arrows since he was the best shot) but decided to give each of us 4 arrows.

I did not shoot great, but I did manage 4 points for our team (I think our total was 47 points, so, yeah, not a lot. At least 30 of those points were hubby, heh.) But we won! Top scoring team. It’s my first ever archery prize! So that’s something.

Generally was very crabby, however. And sunburned. Lost 4 arrows, three in the grass and one broken. Foo.

Sunday we got a lot of errands done. I felt guilty about not going to archery practice (Hubby did not, we’d just shot Saturday after all.) and we did need to buy a birthday present for my sister-in-law and various other errands. I spent a bunch of money at JoAnne Fabrics which always improves one’s mood. It was actually a very pleasant day, all in all. And I tie-dyed a skirt that’s been waiting in the basement to be tie-dyed for months. Yay.


Weekend Update – Coronation

Ooof, what a weekend!

We packed up Thursday night (we were not taking much, but pre-packed equals hitting the road quicker!) Friday after work we made ourselves some quick sandwiches and ate them (Hubby thought we’d just eat in the car but it only took a minute to gobble them down.) And off we went. We made good time, though driving into the setting sun was painful at moments. Thank goodness for sunglasses! We only made one quick potty break and got to the hotel at a reasonable hour.

Slept like two dead things, hubby was grumpy when I sat 8am for wake up time, but agreed with a 10 am court, it was best. We got hotel breakfast (they had a cute pancake making machine! tee hee!) and hit the road for the event site. We got there in plenty of time before court. However when I got dressed I couldn’t find the laurel medallion I’d packed, ack! So we went straight to the merchants to see if I could buy one so I was properly branded… and for the first time ever probably no one was selling medallions. Ack! I do hope we find it, it was one of my favorites.

Morning court was long. They gave an augmentation of arms to all of the scribes who contributed to courts for William and Isolde’s reign so me and the husband both, heh. He was amused. Three awards in one year for him!

After court I got into my rapier gear and hubby went off to the A&S area which was, thankfully, air conditioned. He was amused at our role reversal, we used to go to events and he went to go fight and I went to the A&S area! I got inspected and signed in and swung by Edyth’s vigil before the line got too long and back to the list in time for the novice tournament. There were 5 of us in the tourney. I killed Duchess Kateryn 🙂 But lost my other 3 bouts. She had a fight-off with another fellow for the win and he won. Since the novice tourney went so fast they added a round robin tourney which I also joined in. I wasn’t going to do the third tourney which was partners, but Master Christian asked if I’d partner with him and how could I refuse? He was terribly gracious, introducing me to the fencers we faced (because of course as a Martial Combat Studies Laurel and Master of Defense he knows everyone!) Was great to hang out with him a bit. We did not do too well, (mostly because of me, of course, but it also was a very talented list field!) but I had fun. 🙂

I was nervous about getting changed out of gear in time for court so I left as soon as Christian and I were eliminated to go get changed. I’ll admit, after I took off my fencing gear in the lady’s room I was not thrilled at the thought of putting on a wool gown! I did get to chat a bit with another fencer who was also changing and got a tip on a cool chest protector that I think I need. 🙂 EvoShield Adult chest protector (I think it’s for goalies?) Anyway, it does a custom molded fit, I’m terribly excited about this! She said it worked very well for her.

I got into my gown and sat down in the nearest chair to do my hair. Got some nice comments about my hair, which is always nice. This was the part I was most nervous about, 14th century braids are not a fast ‘do! But I got the hair up and sewn in time. *whew!* On with the over-gown and veil and I was court ready before court 😉 Bonus, hanging out with Annelyse at the back of court. She’s awesome, need to hang out with her more. 🙂

Was so pleased to hear that my husband was the new A&S champion! ❤ I honestly thought he hadn’t much of a chance when I saw how many very talented artisians had entered the competition! Such an honor! 🙂 And for a King and Queen he respects highly, too. I thought it was very cool that Her Majesty’s guard for the reign is all artisians, she picked 5 artisians from 5 different disciplines. Very cool.

I had the matchless honor of being able to beg the boon for my friend Edyth’s elevation to the Laurel. His Majesty, Cellach, was her Laurel and could not beg the boon himself. So honored that they chose me. ❤ It was a great day for the Order of the Laurel, two excellent Laurels elevated (Eva and Edyth) and another put on vigil (Rannveig).

After court there was the usual chatting and congratulations exchanged which meant we hit the road later than we originally intended. Hubby and I changed out of our garb, I don’t normally but it was SO HOT I couldn’t wait to strip out of that wool gown! and we hit the road. We had to reach deep for the energy for the drive, but we were both happy, if tired. We got home just after midnight and crashed hard.

Sunday we slept in until it was time for archery practice. It was an effort of will to get up and go, but I’m glad we did. I got to shoot my new bow, I’m liking it. I need to figure out my aimpoint still, but once I do I think this bow and me are going to be good friends. 🙂 It was a good turn out too and if we hadn’t been quite so exhausted we would’ve gotten food with folks afterward but we went home instead and I actually took a nap! Oof, so tired!

Hubby is full of excitement about being A&S Champion and ideas of what to do to promote the arts as Champion, I couldn’t be happier!


Weekend Update

Oof, I need a weekend to recover from my weekend!

Saturday the hubby and I drove out to Grabar’s for his archery swap meet. It was a pleasant, if long, drive (about an hour and 15 minutes) and then much looking at bows. I tried three different bows, a really pretty 30#, a 35# and a 37#, ended up getting the 35#, it was in the best condition and when I shot it, it was very smooth and accurate. Going to need to dress it up somehow so I know it’s mine next time I go shoot!

I also bought the glove he lent me, it was super comfy and fit me better than my leather glove. Hubby got a new bow string and I picked up a youth bow to gift to my niece for Christmas 🙂 (I think she’ll like it, it’s purple :))

We got dinner on the way home and I crashed hard after that. All the sun and driving I think?

Sunday I went to the Mapleside Demo. I don’t know how people manage to do demos two days in a row. So exhausting! I wore my Burgundian because hey, go large or go home. It’s a demo! and I was rewarded with many “Look! a Princess!” comments. 🙂 One little girl in particular jumped up and down and looked about ready to explode when she saw me. hee! ❤ I also got a lot of “Aren’t you hot in that?” comments. Heh. I shot archery too and hung out with Gwyneth and Muldonny. It was good.. on the way there I had a blue moment thinking about how I’m always alone at these things. It helped a lot to be able to hang with someone.

I did go down the slide and bounce on the bouncie pillow thing, and watched the pig races, hee. It was chock full of family fun. By 5 pm though OMG I was DONE! couldn’t wait to peel off that gown! (Which I am sure was heavier than when I started.)

Got home about 6:30, all tired and hangry. Finally told hubby I was waiting to take a shower because he wanted dinner? We ended up getting McDonald’s because he was worried we’d miss the start of the new Ken Burn’s Vietnam documentary if we went any further.  I actually had a bit of a craving for a Big Mac, probably been two years or more since I had one. Yup, nostalgia flavoring adds though I do remember why we avoid McDonalds most days. heh. Some salt with that salt? I felt better with some salt and fat in my belly though! And then after my shower I was able to watch some of the documentary with the husband.  Tired today, but happy.

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Weekend Update

Saturday was Standard Bearer’s. I didn’t sleep well Friday night full of anxiety about the archery range set up and who might come to shoot. We got to the event site early Saturday largely because the hubby had made a batch of scones for the breakfast bar. It was quiet in the morning, I even went for a walk to the Ducan doughnuts across the street for the good stuff. Mmmm… coffee.

The shoot went well, though behind schedule. We hadn’t allotted for story time. (I am glad that Their Excellencies have brought back story time!)  Everyone enjoyed the shoot, *whew!* They found it challenging and fun. And we’ll have to run it at another event in the future. We only had one stray crossbow bolt miss the bales, and it landed on the mat we put on the floor in front of the target so all is well and the event site safe and sound. *whew!*

Because Archery ran late, the rapier tourney started while we were still shooting. Once I shot my speed round I set down my bow, asked my husband to collect my arrows for me and ran over to ask the marshals if I could join in or was too late? They said go ahead so I donned my rapier gear and jumped into the tourney! I fought Artair first, who also shot archery with me, and I actually killed him! woot! and then I fought and died to Gunther twice, but still, he was the winner of the tournament so no shame there.

I was all hot and sticky and tired… but happy. Ancel was there and I got to give him a hug. Marie came after all so hugs there too. 🙂 The lunch tavern was yummy and the feast was divine. I heralded court… I was rusty and so worried I’d call Gianna Ginevra that I almost called her Giovanna! heh. It was a short court and not taxing, though it would’ve been good if I’d gotten to see the court list ahead of time, yay winging it!

Sunday I was utterly destroyed. We went out to the mall to walk and pick up some beading needles at JoAnn’s (Mistake! They were packed!) and that was about all we could manage! We watched “Hidden Figures” which is an amazingly awesome movie that everyone on the planet should see.

Monday I mowed the lawn and we had an overly-indulgent calorie fest at the husband’s niece’s house. *burp* I have no willpower where food is concerned, apparently.


Archery Update

Despite a bad night’s sleep Monday and a busy day at work Tuesday, I pried my butt off of the couch and went to archery practice last night. oof! It was an effort. 🙂

Glad I did, was nice weather, good camaraderie and I got some coaching from Muldony and Gwenedd. I tried out Gwenedd’s old bow and one of the loaner bows to see if I could pull in my shots. Feeling a little frustrated at my inability to hit the target. It’s hard to get over the mental hurdle of thinking I should be better at this, I’ve been shooting for years. So it was a test of my humility as well.

Must remember to keep my shoulders square over my hips and not turn toward the target.  Remember to aim. Don’t grip the nock.

I am still of a mind to get a modern recurve with a cut-out rest. On a modern bow the arrow is right in the center of the bow (or close to!) instead of on the side, which makes for straighter shooting. Plus having a rest at all means the arrow is in the same spot every time and not relying on my hand to set in the same spot.

I collected the foam and stands for Saturday’s shoot so my car is currently full of foam, heh. Need to find a place to stash it so I can drive to work Friday! (Today and tomorrow we can take the husband’s car, but he’s got a doctors appointment Friday.) We shall see.


Gold Thread Update – drop spindle!

My initial cutting did not go well cutting the gilt membrane off of the dowel rod, it kept breaking. So I switched from my double-bladed tool to a single knife and it worked better (I was able to cut a thicker, if less consistent, strip) I was pretty happy, actually, with how even I managed to cut.

So there I was, with a roughly three foot long strip of gilt membrane… and I did it. I broke out the drop spindle!

And it WAS easier than hand-winding, the spin of the spindle pulled the membrane into place easily and it naturally snugged up on itself for a nice, even coating. Dry spinning looked great till I let go, where it un-wrapped and gapped. So I tried wet-spinning with a little spit (same as I do with flax spinning) and it worked like a charm. The membrane clung closer to the thread and stayed put when done. I got about a seven inch section gilt, hardest part was keeping the spindle spinning and managing the membrane and thread at the same time… I’m sure it’d be easier for a more experienced spinner or with a thicker/fluffier thread. (I was using silk sewing thread as my core.)

Pondering what to try next… to continue with this method and try to produce a goodly amount of thread or to switch to a different thread binder or thread.

Also worked on my paper, pulled gilding recipes from the Gottigen Model book and Thompson’s translation of an anonymous 14th century Italian Illuminator’s handbook. Have decided to change my table of gilding materials slightly.. which may mean I need to re-check books out of the library again, oops!