Weekend Update

Saturday we did much shopping and errands, and went to a Christmas party which was lovely, though I was a bit tired to be good company. Also I have no ability to resist a buffet. Oof. Ate so much! It was good thought, so yummy!

Sunday we got up bright and early to help our friends Will and Seadna move to their new house. I also helped their kids trim the Christmas tree, which was fun. And there was pizza. Would have been easier if Will collected throw pillows instead of heavy machinery! (he likes to work metal, lots of big heavy metal things.)

So sleepy today! *fwump!*


Thursday Gratitude

Sorry I forgot to post gratitude last week, gentle readers (I imagine there are two of you so the plural is totally legit. ;)) Mea culpa.

Today I have many things to be grateful for:

  • Yesterday I had a retiring Director say nice things about me to the VP in charge of our division. Wow. Super kind of her.
  • I got together a good outfit for today’s Office Holiday Party. I was full of angst about my closet so this is a very good thing.
  • This afternoon is the Nursing School Party; the highlight of the CWRU Social calendar. Very grateful to be invited!
  • Mary-Beth gave me a ride to work this morning, which was very helpful and nice and good as hubby had the morning off so no need to figure out where to put an extra car on this campus!
  • Mary-Beth won the little decorated tree in our staff Holiday raffle, which is great, she really wanted it. 🙂
  • Coffee
  • The chicken piccata at the Holiday party was quite good
  • I bought a little 10 dollar light-up tree decoration at the drug store, it’s pretty and I love it. 🙂 So grateful for little decorations and the free cash to buy them!
  • Hubby finished his A&S Champion cape and wore it last Saturday 🙂 Very glad he finished it and it looks smashing!
  • Dancing, I really aught to do it more often.
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Weekend Update

Saturday was Standard Bearer’s. I didn’t sleep well Friday night full of anxiety about the archery range set up and who might come to shoot. We got to the event site early Saturday largely because the hubby had made a batch of scones for the breakfast bar. It was quiet in the morning, I even went for a walk to the Ducan doughnuts across the street for the good stuff. Mmmm… coffee.

The shoot went well, though behind schedule. We hadn’t allotted for story time. (I am glad that Their Excellencies have brought back story time!)  Everyone enjoyed the shoot, *whew!* They found it challenging and fun. And we’ll have to run it at another event in the future. We only had one stray crossbow bolt miss the bales, and it landed on the mat we put on the floor in front of the target so all is well and the event site safe and sound. *whew!*

Because Archery ran late, the rapier tourney started while we were still shooting. Once I shot my speed round I set down my bow, asked my husband to collect my arrows for me and ran over to ask the marshals if I could join in or was too late? They said go ahead so I donned my rapier gear and jumped into the tourney! I fought Artair first, who also shot archery with me, and I actually killed him! woot! and then I fought and died to Gunther twice, but still, he was the winner of the tournament so no shame there.

I was all hot and sticky and tired… but happy. Ancel was there and I got to give him a hug. Marie came after all so hugs there too. 🙂 The lunch tavern was yummy and the feast was divine. I heralded court… I was rusty and so worried I’d call Gianna Ginevra that I almost called her Giovanna! heh. It was a short court and not taxing, though it would’ve been good if I’d gotten to see the court list ahead of time, yay winging it!

Sunday I was utterly destroyed. We went out to the mall to walk and pick up some beading needles at JoAnn’s (Mistake! They were packed!) and that was about all we could manage! We watched “Hidden Figures” which is an amazingly awesome movie that everyone on the planet should see.

Monday I mowed the lawn and we had an overly-indulgent calorie fest at the husband’s niece’s house. *burp* I have no willpower where food is concerned, apparently.


Weekend Update

Thursday hubby had eyeball surgery so there was a lot of hubby-centric activity early on. I drove him to his follow up appointment Friday and got much knitting done while waiting. His eyeball is fine. 🙂

Saturday we drove out to chez Daddy and I gave my little sister her belated birthday present and we shot archery. Was lovely.

Sunday we had a walk through for the event this weekend. I think we’ll have a good set up and I hope the archers like the shoot. 🙂


Weekend Update

Not much to report here. Ran errands Saturday, bought birthday gifts for the many August birthdays we have in the family. Bought a baguette from On The Rise (oh heaven, thy name is fresh French Baguette!) and hubby got more embroidery floss for his current project.

Sunday we had a dinner date with Will and Seadna whom we’ve not seen in too long. After dinner we went for a walk in a new-to-me Metropark, Skok meadow. Very nice! Got a good walk in too.

In all a most relaxing and satisfying weekend.


Weekend Update – Being social

Husband I were social this weekend *gasp!*

Friday started rough; husband got to leave work early so coworker was supposed to give me a lift home… and he forgot me! egads! Fortunately Adam in the dispensary came to my rescue. My hero!

Hubby had an appointment with Kari for his shoulder Friday night so first social item; chatting with Kari while he worked on hubby’s shoulder. (Kari is a massage therapist, nice guy, doing wonders for hubby.)

Saturday we did house work; we finally tore out the small carpet in the front section of our attic that smells of cat pee. We think when our Honor cat was ailing she was going up there to pee… and the smell may have gotten Glory to pee there too. It was dirty and stinky but we got it done quickly and celebrated with Foster’s homemade ice cream. Mmm. In the evening we had a dinner date with Aiden and Hely, always fun and of course we ended up at their house way later than we should have because they are just so much fun to hang out with 🙂

Sunday we had a date to go see a movie with the niece-in-law and her fiance, much fun and again followed by dinner. Bathroom scale was most displeased with me for the shenanigans.

Anyway, it felt good to hang out and socialize for a change. 🙂 Also I got much knitting done.



I went to Memphis last week as a private contractor (I took vacation time off of work, I had days to use or loose anyway.) It was an odd experience for me… felt a bit like a kid playing contractor, heh. The hotel I was at was just one mile from the job site so first morning I walked… and the contact at the job site was aghast and gave me a lift back to the hotel at the end of the day and said I should see about public transportation because I walked through a not-so-good neighborhood. (It’d looked fine to me but hey… his town!) Fortunately it turns out the hotel offered a free shuttle service for short distances, so I took advantage of that the rest of the week, except for Friday when they were busy and said it’d be 15 minutes before they could send someone out… since it was a 20 minute walk I just walked. I am brave or something.

The food in Memphis was great, unfortunately. 🙂 I have much to learn in the ways of healthy eating on business trips. Had trouble finding things in the healthy spectrum and there were many yummy temptations.

I brought embroidery with me, but with the long work hours I was fairly tired when I got back to the hotel each night and didn’t get much done except a little reading.

Air travel is exhausting. Despite my worries though I made it through security fine both ways and had no trouble catching my flights. Worst part was the flight out of Memphis where I was in the middle seat sandwiched between a large man and an extra-large man. Oof. *squish*

Memphis seems like a cool place to visit, and would’ve enjoyed the romantic restaurants and live music more with my husband there! We may be going back sometime for a get-away. 🙂

Got home Sunday, was too tired to really do anything but unpack and shower! Oh home shower, I missed you! (and my fancy hair goo that was not in a 3 ounce bottle so I left it behind.)

Monday was work, got much done, Tuesday was the holiday; had intended to do NOTHING, heh, but ended up being social. had brunch with my sister and a cook out with friends for dinner. Did get some sewing time in between those things and inserted linings into two pink hoods, yay!

Today: exhausted!