Weekend Update

Not much to report here. Ran errands Saturday, bought birthday gifts for the many August birthdays we have in the family. Bought a baguette from On The Rise (oh heaven, thy name is fresh French Baguette!) and hubby got more embroidery floss for his current project.

Sunday we had a dinner date with Will and Seadna whom we’ve not seen in too long. After dinner we went for a walk in a new-to-me Metropark, Skok meadow. Very nice! Got a good walk in too.

In all a most relaxing and satisfying weekend.


Weekend Update – Being social

Husband I were social this weekend *gasp!*

Friday started rough; husband got to leave work early so coworker was supposed to give me a lift home… and he forgot me! egads! Fortunately Adam in the dispensary came to my rescue. My hero!

Hubby had an appointment with Kari for his shoulder Friday night so first social item; chatting with Kari while he worked on hubby’s shoulder. (Kari is a massage therapist, nice guy, doing wonders for hubby.)

Saturday we did house work; we finally tore out the small carpet in the front section of our attic that smells of cat pee. We think when our Honor cat was ailing she was going up there to pee… and the smell may have gotten Glory to pee there too. It was dirty and stinky but we got it done quickly and celebrated with Foster’s homemade ice cream. Mmm. In the evening we had a dinner date with Aiden and Hely, always fun and of course we ended up at their house way later than we should have because they are just so much fun to hang out with 🙂

Sunday we had a date to go see a movie with the niece-in-law and her fiance, much fun and again followed by dinner. Bathroom scale was most displeased with me for the shenanigans.

Anyway, it felt good to hang out and socialize for a change. 🙂 Also I got much knitting done.



I went to Memphis last week as a private contractor (I took vacation time off of work, I had days to use or loose anyway.) It was an odd experience for me… felt a bit like a kid playing contractor, heh. The hotel I was at was just one mile from the job site so first morning I walked… and the contact at the job site was aghast and gave me a lift back to the hotel at the end of the day and said I should see about public transportation because I walked through a not-so-good neighborhood. (It’d looked fine to me but hey… his town!) Fortunately it turns out the hotel offered a free shuttle service for short distances, so I took advantage of that the rest of the week, except for Friday when they were busy and said it’d be 15 minutes before they could send someone out… since it was a 20 minute walk I just walked. I am brave or something.

The food in Memphis was great, unfortunately. 🙂 I have much to learn in the ways of healthy eating on business trips. Had trouble finding things in the healthy spectrum and there were many yummy temptations.

I brought embroidery with me, but with the long work hours I was fairly tired when I got back to the hotel each night and didn’t get much done except a little reading.

Air travel is exhausting. Despite my worries though I made it through security fine both ways and had no trouble catching my flights. Worst part was the flight out of Memphis where I was in the middle seat sandwiched between a large man and an extra-large man. Oof. *squish*

Memphis seems like a cool place to visit, and would’ve enjoyed the romantic restaurants and live music more with my husband there! We may be going back sometime for a get-away. 🙂

Got home Sunday, was too tired to really do anything but unpack and shower! Oh home shower, I missed you! (and my fancy hair goo that was not in a 3 ounce bottle so I left it behind.)

Monday was work, got much done, Tuesday was the holiday; had intended to do NOTHING, heh, but ended up being social. had brunch with my sister and a cook out with friends for dinner. Did get some sewing time in between those things and inserted linings into two pink hoods, yay!

Today: exhausted!


Weekend Update

It was a family obligation weekend, which is not a bad thing.

I was home from work sick on Friday, husband was worried I’d not be up for our evening outing and indeed it was a near thing. But I felt well enough by 8pm to head out to NightTown for a jazz concert. My husband’s most famous friend from High School, Joe Lovano, was playing with a quartet. Apparently he is a really really awesome jazz saxophonist. I don’t know enough about music to really know bad from good, but I enjoyed the concert immensely. All four musicians seemed excellent.  I may have found a new love for jazz.

Saturday we took my car to the shop and got a quiet breakfast together and then the rest of the day was taken up by a Doblekar family picnic at Mary-Beth’s house in honor of brother Frankie being in town. I was tired and not much good company, but managed to join in on the beanbag toss horseshoe game (the popular name is “Cornhole”) and quite surprised my arm is sore today from throwing bean bags! heh.

Sunday was father’s day and we opted for an early dinner/late lunch at a local brewpub near my Dad’s house. He loved the photo album I got him and the beret. 🙂 Marie got him a stuffed chicken that makes obnoxious noises… and he liked that best of all I think! Yeah, my Dad’s an odd sort 😉

My cold is gone, but I’m still fatigued. Made it through most of the work day but that 5pm seems like a long walk from here!



Weekend Update

Friday night we went out and saw Wonder Woman with friends, it was fun and uncharacteristically social of us, heh. Enjoyed the movie immensely.

I over slept Saturday. Was very crabby at missing the 200th street demo. The Air Conditioner Guy  was supposed to stop by on Tuesday, but had to reschedule and well, I didn’t want to put it off either. Want Air Conditioning! I think we may be the last people in the city of Cleveland without it, you know?

Husband had the gall to have no guilty qualms about it at all. Hmf. I don’t know how he could have been raised Catholic and have such an under-developed sense of guilt. (Probably healthier, heh.) We went to the park for a nice long walk to appease me.

The rest of the weekend was spent on general project work. I finished “Fat Mermaid” and got the pages to Marie for words, under deadline *whew!* We bought flowers for the hanging baskets and planted them (way behind schedule on that this year!) I helped hubby with a hood pattern and worked on the two award scrolls I have to do for NOWM (Scribe’s guild tonight!)

Slept very poorly last night, today is the soft “Go Live” for our new clinic software (Hard “Go Live” is next Monday) so anxiety. Nerves. Gah. And the power went out last night so I got to worry about waking up on time which always makes for a restful nights sleep, eh? Think I passed the reason for the power outage on the way to work this morning; blasted telephone pole at the bottom of Chardin Hill, that can’t’ve been good. Wish I’d gotten a picture, looked like the trunk just exploded halfway up (Don’t know if it got hit by lightening or what.)


Weekend Update

Had a weekend at home and got an awful lot done. Can’t recall the last time I got that far through the to do list! Hubby and I valiantly attacked the weeds in the front flower bed. We got some bulbs planted and I got my hammock hung up and the large planter put out and finally fixed the clapper bell on the birdbath (it’s a combo windchime birdbath and the clapper fell off like… two years ago? Anyway, felt good to fix it.)

Did not sew on the hoods, so bad me for that, but I did work on illumination and moved Isobail’s Evergreen forward a little. And I put some quality time into the Fat Mermaid comic which my sister is panicking about being behind schedule.

We saw Guardians of the Galaxy II, really enjoyed it. Good film. And I tried on my kimonos… now I really want to arrange a kimono party with friends as an excuse to wear these lovely garments. They’re so pretty and silk!


Weekend Update

Went to see the parental unit Saturday. Had a pleasant visit and got copies of his pictures from our vacation. Working on a photo album to surprise him with for Father’s Day. I’m bucking for daughter of the year 😉 (Competition is pretty stiff with Marie and Lizzie you know ;))

Husband got ingredients and did his first try at making eclairs. The chou pastry turned out perfect, but his filling didn’t thicken up properly. Still, it was delicious and I’ve been heartily encouraging him to try again 🙂

Costuming Update – I’m continuing with my pink hoods project. I have one hood fully complete. Second hood has its lining in, I just need to add the shoulder gussets to the lining and hem the bottom and I will have two hoods complete. The first hood I did not line and just added a facing… I think that adding the lining actually took less time and so plan on cutting out linings for the remaining hoods.

Embroidery update – I’ve continued working obsessively on my little Bayeux Tapestry kit that Azimars gave me. Really enjoying the Bayeux tapestry stitch! Not sure what I’ll do with this archer once he’s done, maybe a throw pillow?