Weekend Update

Work continues to be very stressful. Trying to keep my head down and just keep slogging forward. More done is more done, right?

So I was very happy that waiting for me after work Friday was pizza and hang out time with Pietro and Aurellia. πŸ™‚ They came over to work on a silk banner with expert(ish) guidance from me and the husband.Β  And a lot of pizza eating and chatting. It was lovely. On Saturday Pietro came over to finish painting and we were quite the artistic household, husband embroidering, me working on a scroll andΒ  Pietro painting on a banner.

Then we went over to my sister-in-law’s house to do laundry (our washing machine is kaput. New one arrives Wednesday) and mostly pet her cats and drink coffee.

Sunday we went to a friend’s house north of Columbus for an archery practice and also so I could get a box of stuff from the outgoing Regional Minister of Arts and Sciences, Anya, as I’m the incoming Minister. Mostly though it was to pet the corgi puppy. (OMG! SO CUTE!!!!)

We were exhausted when we got home, the sun and the heat did a number on us.

In all though, what a great weekend of hanging out with friends ❀ Just what I needed to recover from my work week!


Weekend Update

Lovely weather and a weekend at home, who could ask for more?

We worked on the yard. It is now less horrible. Go team! Mostly husband, truth be told. I was feeling under the weather Saturday. It was odd, but went away, thankfully. Sunday I was more helpful. Plans for the great flower bed rebuild underway!

We binge-watched Downton Abbey and finished the final season. I do love season 6, I’m a sucker for happy endings and it’s chock full of them. This time around I couldn’t help but wondering if Lord Merton’s daughter-in-law wasn’t actually poisoning him, which makes Mrs. Crawley and Countess Violet’s rescue all the better. πŸ™‚ Trying to fight the urge to begin re-watching again from Season 1. I do love all the clothes! What a great time for fashion in history.

Sunday we had dinner with the niece-in-law and her hubby, very pleasant.

Knitting Update: Have about 32 rows before the end of the middle section and the beginning of the 48 row border. woot! This shawl will be done soon. I am quite pleased with it!

Merovingian Update: Spent some time looking through a book of Early Christian Manuscript Illumination; at least I’ve gotΒ  some good images of what folks were wearing in Italy during the Merovingian era. It helps build an argument for fashions. Also have started pleating my blue wool. Only two rows of stitching done on the first body panel, it’ll be slow going but steady. The wool is harder to pleat than linen. Still working my way through “From Attila to Charlemagne” Good note from the most recent article pointed out the shift in fashions around the year 600.


Weekend Update

Friday was a very positive day; I called off of work (Hey, don’t judge, I had vacation time I needed to use or loose. And I was feeling crispy-fried so it was a good time for it!) The weather was lovely, I slept in, finished fussing with the award scroll I was working on and handed it off to the person who was going to deliver it bright and early, then I went off to the optometrist and got my new glasses. Ah… it felt like a cool drink of water, didn’t even realize how much I was straining with my old glasses!Β  Then I made myself a fabulous fried bologna sandwich for lunch (It was awesome!) and went for a nice, long walk in the beautiful weather, took a shower and spent the rest of the day brushing my hair, heh. Until hubby came home from work and brother-in-law Frankie came by. Yay visit with Frankie! The whole family went out to a lovely Italian restaurant in Mentor, Pastina Rustic. Delicious, my weight is way up. I have no control where food is concerned.

Things took a turn for the worse when we got home at 11pm and I got a message that the person who was supposed to deliver the scroll was now not going to the event, and of course at 10 pm (when she sent the message) there was no one left in Cleveland who was going to the event who hadn’t already left. Booooooo.

Saturday was disappointing; slept in again, which was nice and felt necessary, but then we were oddly rushed throughout the day. I think I’d set my expectations too high for the day; I’d scheduled a spa appointment for the husband and I, and that evening was the Dental School Formal. I was really looking forward to it and then in the end, we were rushed, I didn’t have time to put on makeup or do my hair up nice… and he didn’t have fun at the formal. We left early. *sadface*

Sunday I was crabby, but we did get Adam’s for breakfast and go for a walk, which was nice. And I fell asleep in a chair, so like, didn’t get much done. We ended with a good movie though “The Help”

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Weekend Update

Originally I’d wanted to go to an event this weekend, it was about a 5 hour drive which made the husband reluctant… then he had a bad cough all week soooooooooo… we stayed home.

It was LOVELY. Doing ‘nothing’ is great! We did go out to Mentor on Saturday to buy a reliquary pendant (I have one which has one of our Honor cat’s teeth and some of her fur in it. We needed a new one for Glory. We found one the same size and style as Honor’s at Michael’s.)Β  Strangely made it through the craft store without any other whim purchases, how odd. Oh wait, hubby did buy a clip-on birdie in the floral aisle, so there, all is right with the world.
While we were in that part of town, we stopped by the Union Eye Care; I’ve not had an eye appointment or new glasses since the Union Eye Care near us closed. I figured, better make an appointment or I’m never getting it done… and bonus; they had an open appointment that afternoon! So hubby and I hung out for a bit looking at glasses, I got my exam, and picked out a new pair. Woot. New glasses coming soon. Go me.

Saturday night we made up our easter baskets so we could hide them Sunday morning. Husband did a better job of hiding than me. Not that my spot was bad, but I shouldn’t’ve re-used a previous hiding spot, he found it right away! There was then much gorging on jelly beans. I love jelly beans with a deep and abiding love.

I did get some reading done this weekend; I finished The transformation of the Roman world AD 400-900Β  edited by Leslie Webster and Michelle Brown.Β  I have about three pages of notes from the book. Not a lot of specific textile evidence, mind you, but good information about cultures the Merovingians traded with and their attitudes toward their neighbors that will lead to making informed costume decisions.

I’m currently reading Poems by Venantius Fortunatus ; edited and translated by Michael Roberts.Β  Fortunatus is a 6th century poet of Roman descent living in Merovingian France. His praise poems to the high and mighty of the day are a bit dull, repetitive stuff, but some of the poems are quite lively and I’m enjoying reading them.Β  He wrote in Latin and this edition has a side-by-side Latin and English translation. (Great because my Latin is less than rudimentary).

And at the same time I’m leafing through The world of Gregory of Tours edited by Kathleen Mitchell and Ian Wood.Β  Fun reading at the same time as Fortunatus as Gregory and he were buds. So far it’s been a fascinating read, though I’m only about three articles in.


Weekend Update

It’s all a blur… Friday I went to my friend Irene’s home to teach girl scouts how to draw. Apparently they have a drawing merit badge. πŸ™‚ It was fun, I did a straight up Drawing 101 class; most of the girls were in to it. One of the moms asked me where I teach so I guess I came across somewhat professional. πŸ™‚ Also two of the girls copied one of my inktober drawings which was super cute and touching. (I’d brought samples) AND they gave me a merit badge. πŸ™‚ I need to decide how to display it, quite tickled to have it πŸ™‚

Saturday was an at home productivity day. I finished my doily (huzzah!) and that evening was Girl’s Night. Tried out the Spotted Owl in Tremont. I liked the ‘wheel of cocktails’ you selected they type of cocktail you wanted and they surprised you. Quite enjoyed mine. The decor was nice, music was too loud though and no parking. I ended up parking about a jillion miles away (OK, three blocks. I did need steps on my pedometer anyway.) I was in a bit of a funk and not much fun, I fear.

Sunday hubby and I went by Halim and Kristen’s so he could give Halim a how to paint walls lesson. Hubby was all dressed to paint but Halim just wanted the how to, not actual work. And he got us some awesome bagels from a local shop and we hung out a bit which was lovely.

I did work on my research and even dusted off a sewing project that’s been languishing in the basket.

Tonight is Scribe’s Guild; want to research but… I have scribal commissions languishing on the to do list too!

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Weekend Update – North Oaken A&S

Oof! What a week with the trip to Connecticut to evaluate the Moog Simdont Dental Simulators (very cool technology, looking forward to where it’s going to go in the future!) and then on Thursday and Friday I had training on our new web Content Management System, so hardly a moment to stop and think. Needless to say I was lacking energy when Saturday came around.

North Oaken Arts and Sciences Faire was in nearby Oberlin OH, so we had the luxury of sleeping in a little, but it wasn’t enough for me! heh. I was tired and cranky when we got on site, I picked my clothes based on comfort and ease and my first words in the door were “Where is the coffee”. Alas! There was no coffee!

We got checked in, and friends were there and arriving, I whined to Ursula about no coffee, she whined back about how she was also deficient in coffee and checked her phone; lo! there was a coffee shop 1.3 miles away! We got Derian to drive us (as we had taken the Mini Cooper and mean husband does not let me drive his mini. hmf.) and it was a LOVELY coffee shop. We made it back in plenty of time for the judges meeting. Una asked me to help handing out cards and I couldn’t help but voice up a bit myself in the meeting, I have my soap boxes. πŸ™‚

I got three entries to judge and judging went well, though I was tired and probably not as good as normal. I also got to help some shadow judges and first time judges which was great.

Husband had brought his drone, hoping to do a test flight; when we all finished judging we went out to the field and… flip, crash. Better than last time but still no dice, alas!

The event site, by the way, was very nice. Well suited to the event.

Had some great conversations and then we were waiting for the results… a lot of people skipped out early. We were hungry, thankfully debate over restaurants lasted long enough to take us to the presentation, heh. Zuriel won the Pent, and Angelique was one of the top five scores. Was odd not to have the results read out, but it did make it faster.

We went to a local pub for dinner, Le Feve, very good burgers, excellent conversation. πŸ™‚ I don’t know how I missed that Ursula is a Merovingian πŸ˜‰ hee. Was fun comparing notes and such.Β  Can’t wait to have time to sit down with my notes!

We got home fairly early, and spent the evening cuddling on the couch and watching the Curling gold medal match. (I love watching the Olympics on our Roku, by the way, so nice to just pick the event you want.) Very glad I caught one of the American team’s early Curling games (Mostly picked it so that I’d have one with commentary so I knew what was going on, heh.) They were terrible, got the floor mopped with them by Norway; then I caught one of their mid games and… it was a totally different team. I noticed right away in the early game there was a lot of “What do you think?” back and forth in the player’s chatter, lack of decisiveness, lack of the Skip leading… I turned on the Olympics when I was in Connecticut and it happened to be Curling and the US team playing again, this time they were in control and working as a team and they had some impressive plays. Still, when I heard they needed to win the next three in a row to advance I was skeptical of their chances… so when I tuned in to the gold medal game I was surprised to see the Americans in it! And Sweden was a well oiled curling machine, I did not think that the Americans were going to win.. I saw that game they had earlier… but it was close, they were playing very well, they were holding the Swedes back, then it got to End 8 and there was that spectacular play! What a Cinderella story… and also what a lesson on the importance of leadership and having your head in the game. They had that skill the whole time, just they got in their own way the first few games.

Sunday I was a zombie, we slept in, grocery shopped, ran errands and husband baked a cake; family came over at 4 for cake for my birthday (Mary-Beth and Tim aren’t available on Wednesday so we did it early, I don’t mind.) it was a nice, laid back evening. After they left we went for a long walk, got some food and ended watching old Bob Ross episodes on Roku. ❀ I also got some knitting in, I’m making another doily. Husband reminded me of my sewing oblications I should be doing instead, oops. But… doilies are so fun!


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Weekend Update

Saturday I wasted a lot of time wallowing… it happens. I’d failed on some of my personal goals (little things like, call the mechanic and schedule an oil change that I can still do, you know?) but I was bummed out and it made it hard to get anything done.

I did manage to shake it off by afternoon. I did get some good work done on my latest research rabbit hole.

Sunday was better, got some sewing done and we went out and bought a mattress for the spare bed so that it is a damn sight more comfortable. I also got some office supplies at Office Max. I am inordinately fond of post its and binder clips.

So in all, a very quiet weekend. Hubby got a lot of housework done (which fills me with feelings of guilt as I should’ve helped him more.)

Hoping to get sewing done tonight, wish me luck!