Thursday Gratitude

Today I am grateful for many things:

  • Very glad I was able to take the morning off to go to the memorial service for Mr. Hrvatin, it was a lovely service, I think he would’ve liked it.
  • Glad that the husband and I ran into Phil and Mr. Hrvatin at the mall a few weeks ago. Nice that we had that last chat.
  • Polka music
  • Dad deciding to get together with us for dinner on our Birthday; it was great to have a sit down meal with the family. ❤ Just about perfect.
  • Ursula sent me a link for an article on Aregonde’s shoes: (Thanks Ursula!) Interesting that three different scholarly articles I’ve read have interpreted those large tab-ends three different ways. This amuses me.
  • I was back to work in time to meet my afternoon obligations *whew!* (I shoulda taken the whole day off. Must remember next time.)
  • Hey, I’ve made it to 44. Go me.
  • Hubby’s drone actually took off, very proud of him 🙂 I think he should post video.
  • Facebook’s “happy Birthday” feature, this justifies the entire application’s existence.
  • That I have so many wonderful people in my life ❤
  • Two students, Chris and Jeremy, wrote “Happy Birthday Grace” on one of the marker boards in the lab as a surprise for me. ❤ very touched.
  • Frankie and Bridget called for my Birthday ❤
  • A&S went well, had a great time and got some good geeking out time, I think helping first time judges was my favorite part. Also got to hang with D and Ursula a bit and that’s always excellent.
  • That Oberlin had a good coffee shop near to site, and also a good burger joint for after!
  • We got to cat-sit for Aiden and Hely on Sunday, always a joy to sit and pet their cat 🙂 Such a hardship. hee. I do love cats. All cats.
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Weekend Update – North Oaken A&S

Oof! What a week with the trip to Connecticut to evaluate the Moog Simdont Dental Simulators (very cool technology, looking forward to where it’s going to go in the future!) and then on Thursday and Friday I had training on our new web Content Management System, so hardly a moment to stop and think. Needless to say I was lacking energy when Saturday came around.

North Oaken Arts and Sciences Faire was in nearby Oberlin OH, so we had the luxury of sleeping in a little, but it wasn’t enough for me! heh. I was tired and cranky when we got on site, I picked my clothes based on comfort and ease and my first words in the door were “Where is the coffee”. Alas! There was no coffee!

We got checked in, and friends were there and arriving, I whined to Ursula about no coffee, she whined back about how she was also deficient in coffee and checked her phone; lo! there was a coffee shop 1.3 miles away! We got Derian to drive us (as we had taken the Mini Cooper and mean husband does not let me drive his mini. hmf.) and it was a LOVELY coffee shop. We made it back in plenty of time for the judges meeting. Una asked me to help handing out cards and I couldn’t help but voice up a bit myself in the meeting, I have my soap boxes. 🙂

I got three entries to judge and judging went well, though I was tired and probably not as good as normal. I also got to help some shadow judges and first time judges which was great.

Husband had brought his drone, hoping to do a test flight; when we all finished judging we went out to the field and… flip, crash. Better than last time but still no dice, alas!

The event site, by the way, was very nice. Well suited to the event.

Had some great conversations and then we were waiting for the results… a lot of people skipped out early. We were hungry, thankfully debate over restaurants lasted long enough to take us to the presentation, heh. Zuriel won the Pent, and Angelique was one of the top five scores. Was odd not to have the results read out, but it did make it faster.

We went to a local pub for dinner, Le Feve, very good burgers, excellent conversation. 🙂 I don’t know how I missed that Ursula is a Merovingian 😉 hee. Was fun comparing notes and such.  Can’t wait to have time to sit down with my notes!

We got home fairly early, and spent the evening cuddling on the couch and watching the Curling gold medal match. (I love watching the Olympics on our Roku, by the way, so nice to just pick the event you want.) Very glad I caught one of the American team’s early Curling games (Mostly picked it so that I’d have one with commentary so I knew what was going on, heh.) They were terrible, got the floor mopped with them by Norway; then I caught one of their mid games and… it was a totally different team. I noticed right away in the early game there was a lot of “What do you think?” back and forth in the player’s chatter, lack of decisiveness, lack of the Skip leading… I turned on the Olympics when I was in Connecticut and it happened to be Curling and the US team playing again, this time they were in control and working as a team and they had some impressive plays. Still, when I heard they needed to win the next three in a row to advance I was skeptical of their chances… so when I tuned in to the gold medal game I was surprised to see the Americans in it! And Sweden was a well oiled curling machine, I did not think that the Americans were going to win.. I saw that game they had earlier… but it was close, they were playing very well, they were holding the Swedes back, then it got to End 8 and there was that spectacular play! What a Cinderella story… and also what a lesson on the importance of leadership and having your head in the game. They had that skill the whole time, just they got in their own way the first few games.

Sunday I was a zombie, we slept in, grocery shopped, ran errands and husband baked a cake; family came over at 4 for cake for my birthday (Mary-Beth and Tim aren’t available on Wednesday so we did it early, I don’t mind.) it was a nice, laid back evening. After they left we went for a long walk, got some food and ended watching old Bob Ross episodes on Roku. ❤ I also got some knitting in, I’m making another doily. Husband reminded me of my sewing oblications I should be doing instead, oops. But… doilies are so fun!



Thursday Gratitude

Today I am grateful for many things:

  • Remembering to post Thursday Gratitude 🙂
  • Made my flight out of Philadelphia despite my flight in being delayed *whew!* T’was a near thing.
  • The Dunkin’ Donuts at the CLE airport was still open when I landed so I got some coffee for my drive home *whew!* It was needed! (No coffee on the Philadelphia flight, alas.)
  • Made it home safe and sound.
  • University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine for hosting us and letting me play with their Dental Simulators. 🙂
  • Really great restaurant near the hotel for dinner, and hotel shuttle to take me there and back again.
  • Lovely weather for the trip
  • My wonderful husband scheduled an oil change for me while I was away, much love to my mechanic, Yano’s 🙂
  • Sleeping in my own bed! heh.
  • The Thai restaurant in Farmington gave me a packet of their ginger tea after I asked them what it was because I liked it 🙂 Very nice of them, enjoying a cup now. hee 🙂
  • The Olympics, and when I watched them in my hotel it was two of my favorite events, the biathalon and curling, woot! It’s like they did it just for me. 🙂

Weekend Update

This weekend was Masque of Courtly Love, I had a bit of ‘don’t wanna’ running through my veins, but I’d promised to run dancing at the event so I got my stuff together (after some small hunting… it’s been a loooooooong time since I ran a dance class!) and the hubby and I headed down for the event. Being close enough we got to sleep in a little, which was needed. I did not sleep well Friday night, boo.

We arrived in plenty of time, I found out where my classroom was and the boom box was handy and lo, my CD even worked. *whew!* (I know, I’m such a dinosaur, no one uses CDs and boom boxes anymore!)
When it was time for the class I had… one student. Alas! Well, I thought, what’s a dance I can do with just two people? Rosti Bolli! I started teaching him, and myself because rusty! and by the time I got through teaching, 7 more people had appeared 🙂 We did several more dances, and got quite a bit done in that one hour. Yay!

Then I had to find the husband, who was in the lunch hall, to get car keys to put the dance stuff in the car and get my rapier gear out of it. And I had some lunch and chatting too… which was bad because by the time I got my gear and got to the list… I’d missed entering the round robin tourney. Boo! So I waited for the tourney to be over so I could fight pick ups. There was a very entertaining Barrier fight on the armoured list that was fun to watch so I didn’t mind too much. Alas, not a lot of people were still standing after the round robin. I did get a few bouts in though so I got sweaty and that’s a good thing, eh?

I armed down and got into my pretty stuff again. Proud of me for remembering essentials like a clean set of under-things and deodorant, heh.  Must remember a plastic bag to put wet washcloth in after washing up. As a new fighter, there is much to learn in logistics. 🙂 Had some fun conversations with folks. Had a heart-to-heart with Pietro about The Path and how great he’d look with a green belt on 😉 So I’m calling the day a marked success.

Hubby got to play his ukelele with Her Majesty and did a lot of schmoozing of his own. Court was good, very glad to see Hugh the Silent receive a court Baronetcy. It’s nice to see quiet, long service people recognized. 🙂

We hit the road and got dinner with Pietro and Aurellia, which was fabulous. Good burgers, great conversation.

Sunday was mostly errands and such. My new book arrived on archeological textiles, can’t wait to dive through it! and ran into a snag on the doily I’m knitting, row 27 makes NO SENSE whatsoever. Grr. Row 32 is the last row, I’m so close! and yet, so far. hmf.


Thursday Gratitude

Today I am grateful for many things:

  • Those little kid valentines, so glad I decided to give them out at work years ago and it’s become a tradition. People are grateful and there is a lot of happy feels for just a few bucks.
  • Staff coffee break went well, that’s two! It’s a tradition, right?
  • Boss has a meeting at 11, this means our 10 am meeting will end on time, heh.
  • I knit my very first ever doily! Hee! it’s a small cup-coaster sized doily, but a doily it is. 🙂 Also knit the second one, hee. (There are three patterns in this book.) Yay doilies!
  • Super hero movies and tv shoes
  • Colleen Friday got me a tiny russel stover assortment for valentine’s day ❤
  • Recently discovered the North European Symposium for Archeological Textiles, where have you been all my life?? Got a preview of the proceedings on Google Scholar, think I’m ordering number VII 🙂 And thank you, Google Scholar, for introducing me to this.
  • Here’s a shout out for textile research being on the rise and getting more attention. We’ve come a long way from the early 20th century digs and earlier that just tossed textiles aside as unimportant, thank goodness.
  • Queen Aregonde 🙂
  • The t-shirt I bought for my husband for Valentine’s Day arrived in the mail on time *whew!* And he liked it, yay! (He has too many t-shirts, but… but… he likes them!)
  • I found the article on Aregonde by Perin and Calligaro, “La tombe d’Aregonde” it’s all in French, so going to take me a while to parse it, but it included a diagram of her tomb and placement of items, ah ha! her second disk broach was down by her navel, not up by the throat like earlier finds, this means the vertical arrangement of brooches is more likely for her. Looking forward to reading more. 🙂
  • My new research notebook. I love school supplies. 🙂
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What to do with Diamond Twill?

So a while back I bought some Diamond Twill fabric, it was a good price and I got it in blue (because Blue) and thought I’d probably make a Norse Viking-era Apron Dress from it (as many archeological sources point to apron dresses being diamond twill and blue), but my friend Maggie said “You don’t *have* to do Viking” and that got me thinking… where and when was this fabric used?

Google Scholar found me an excellent article:

“Early medieval textile remains from settlements in the Netherlands. An evaluation of textile production” by Chrystel R. Brandenburgh in the Journal of Archaeology in the Low Countries May 2010, pp 41-78

Which was a great read, I recommend it for anyone interested in textile manufacturing and early period textiles. (by the way, over half the textiles found were diamond twills and there were 6 hats found, probably men’s in diamond twill with red silk braid embroidery on the seams. Kinda dorky looking, kinda want to make one.)  Anyway, in the article she mentioned that the area of the Low Countries surveyed was boardered by the Merovingian’s to the south. Ah ha, I’ve heard of Merovingians, and I like the way the word sounds so I put in a new search on Merovingian.  Because France!

Several articles later (ah Queen Aregonde/Arnegundis, how lovely your grave is!) I have a full blown research project going. 🙂 I’ll keep you posted.

Discoveries thus far:

Paired small broaches – this is an area for questions. One broach at the neck is easy to figure out where it goes, but a pair? Could be worn in necktie formation; one on top of the other, or bowtie formation, left and right. They are near the neck/upper chest region. I’ve come up with several possibilities and will be looking for evidence to support or deny them.

  • two broaches at keyhole neckline, one on top of the other
  • One broach on the under-tunic neckline, another on the over-tunic (lower, having them right on top of each other would be uncomfortable and also no one would see the pretty brooch!)
  • Brooches on either side of the neckline opening, connected by a tie? pinned to a piece of fabric to hold the opening closed?
  • Brooches on either side of the neckline decoratively, not serving any function (I don’t think this is likely, but have to consider it a possibility, many ladies wear brooches now a days that serve no function other than decoratively after all.)
  • Keyhole neckline pulled open and ‘lapels’ fastened open by brooches (fun, but not much precedence for that idea.)
  • Brooches used to hold veil to dress on either side of the neckline
  • Brooches used to fasten a cape or wrap

Paired bow brooches – in the Roman period these were worn at the shoulders, probably to fasten a peplos-like garment (read: bog dress). In the Merovingian period, however, they move lower on the body, still in pairs. By the end of the period They are near the thighs and have amulets a set distance from them at the knees (perhaps suspended from a belt?) of note Aregonde did not have them. She did, however, have a super awesome belt buckle which re-enforces my early assumption that the bow broaches have become associated with belt furniture in the Merovingian period. Just an assumption now, we’ll see if I can get any evidence behind that.

One of the graves near Aregonde’s had a dark blue pleated wool tunic. Exciting 🙂

Lovely silks and gold thread embroidery (need to check my Gold Thread research files because I’m pretty sure I’ve got something about Aregonde’s embroidery in there too.)

Read an article on glass beads in the Merovingian era; “Indo-Pacific glass beads from the Indian subcontinent in Early Merovingian graves (5th-6th century AD)” by Constantin Pion and Bernard Gratuze in Archaeological Research in Asia (2016) pp 51-64. According to their findings not only were glass beads from Africa and India found amongst more locally produced or Mediterranean beads, 93% of them were green. (There are some large polychrome beads found, mostly single beads with lots of smaller single colored beads that are mostly green.) and lots of tiny beads in headdresses or positions that may indicate they were sewn onto clothing or veils. It looks like beads were very popular in the early Merovingian and then fell out of fashion toward the end of the era (Of note our friend Aregonde did not have beads.)

Given the very scant material available on Merovingian costume, I’m also looking at Norse, Anglo-Saxon, Alamannic and Thuringian finds and some finds and art from Byzantium and Italy (as those were cultures admired and perhaps copied.) Fun!


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Weekend Update

Saturday I wasted a lot of time wallowing… it happens. I’d failed on some of my personal goals (little things like, call the mechanic and schedule an oil change that I can still do, you know?) but I was bummed out and it made it hard to get anything done.

I did manage to shake it off by afternoon. I did get some good work done on my latest research rabbit hole.

Sunday was better, got some sewing done and we went out and bought a mattress for the spare bed so that it is a damn sight more comfortable. I also got some office supplies at Office Max. I am inordinately fond of post its and binder clips.

So in all, a very quiet weekend. Hubby got a lot of housework done (which fills me with feelings of guilt as I should’ve helped him more.)

Hoping to get sewing done tonight, wish me luck!