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It’s still work

One of my Laurel friends recently posted how exhausted she is and I have to agree, I get a lot of the same exhaustion. People asking for stuff. It gets to feel like everyone wants a piece of me. People only call, write or message to ask me to do something for them. Teach a class, help me with this project, do my research for me, make something special for our event, etc. etc. etc.  It’s not that I’m unwilling to help, or resent you asking, but it does get so very, very exhausting.

“But you like to sew!”

No, sewing is the necessary evil I must do to get the garb I want!

“But it would be easier for you than for me!”

Yes, because I’ve done it more I suppose. But it would be easier for YOU if you did it more, why not now? 🙂

“But you’re so skilled! I could never do it like you!”

Thanks. But it is STILL WORK. Even things I like doing, like drawing or creating, are still WORK. It’s time I could be spending sitting on my butt watching Star Trek reruns, or making something for me or a project I’m excited about and want to do.

The thing is, that pit of need is endless. I could do it for you, give you this, give you my time, my materials, my expertise, but it will never be enough to fill the void and will leave me with nothing.

So please, respect that my time is limited, my attention is limited and just like you I occasionally like to spend a day NOT accomplishing things. If I do help you, appreciate it as the gift that it is, and don’t ask for more from me than you are willing to give out yourself. (And if you are willing to give everything, stop. Stop now. Re-evaluate. Don’t kill yourself to please others. It is NOT healthy!)


Weekend Update

Saturday we did much shopping and errands, and went to a Christmas party which was lovely, though I was a bit tired to be good company. Also I have no ability to resist a buffet. Oof. Ate so much! It was good thought, so yummy!

Sunday we got up bright and early to help our friends Will and Seadna move to their new house. I also helped their kids trim the Christmas tree, which was fun. And there was pizza. Would have been easier if Will collected throw pillows instead of heavy machinery! (he likes to work metal, lots of big heavy metal things.)

So sleepy today! *fwump!*


Thursday Gratitude

Sorry I forgot to post gratitude last week, gentle readers (I imagine there are two of you so the plural is totally legit. ;)) Mea culpa.

Today I have many things to be grateful for:

  • Yesterday I had a retiring Director say nice things about me to the VP in charge of our division. Wow. Super kind of her.
  • I got together a good outfit for today’s Office Holiday Party. I was full of angst about my closet so this is a very good thing.
  • This afternoon is the Nursing School Party; the highlight of the CWRU Social calendar. Very grateful to be invited!
  • Mary-Beth gave me a ride to work this morning, which was very helpful and nice and good as hubby had the morning off so no need to figure out where to put an extra car on this campus!
  • Mary-Beth won the little decorated tree in our staff Holiday raffle, which is great, she really wanted it. 🙂
  • Coffee
  • The chicken piccata at the Holiday party was quite good
  • I bought a little 10 dollar light-up tree decoration at the drug store, it’s pretty and I love it. 🙂 So grateful for little decorations and the free cash to buy them!
  • Hubby finished his A&S Champion cape and wore it last Saturday 🙂 Very glad he finished it and it looks smashing!
  • Dancing, I really aught to do it more often.

Weekend Update

Saturday the hubby and I headed out to Toledo for Yule Feast.

Alas, I did not check what was in the car. Hubby said “You just need your fencing bag and tunic, right?” I said yes. Only by ‘tunic’ he meant ‘tabbard’. The tabbard, for those uninitiated, is a simple decorative flap worn over top of the tunic, which is absolutely necessary to fence. Yeah, tunic wasn’t in the car. I couldn’t fence. I was sad. Also I had failed to pack anything to work on for down time.

In hindsight husband admitted we did not have to rush out of the house like we did. A few more minutes and I would’ve been a happier camper, if later to the event. Ah well. It was a very quiet event. Hubby and I went for a nice walk around the block, there’s a lovely over-look across the street from the site with a park and a river. I could’ve walked longer but husband was dressed less warmly than I.

I debuted my new wool cyclas which I finally finished hemming. It was VERY comfy and a very practical, and I feel attractive, addition to my medieval wardrobe. Hubby also debuted his new A&S Champion’s cloak he made. 🙂 He looked quite dashing in it, I think.

Sunday we were both EXHAUSTED. And I don’t really know why, except maybe the stress driving home in the snow. The roads were fine (though I didn’t trust them much) but the visibility was horrid. I need new windshield wipers I think.  I invited some people over to work on enameling (something I’ve been wanting to do since I bought that kiln mumblety years ago). Alas, most folks declined. Only Aurellia was there at 1pm, everyone else showed up close to 4pm, which was when I had planed to end things. boo. Still, got some enameling done and Aurellia really wants a kiln now 😉


Weekend Update

Saturday was the birthday of my parental unit. This year we decided to take him to the art museum for the Jazz Age exhibit. It was fun. University Circle was busy though with the WinterFest happening also that weekend. Missed a rendezvous avec notre pere after the exhibit due to traffic so I went over to see him on Sunday too so he could open his presents and get a sandwich at the local brewpub.

So low key weekend, which was good since I was ill on Friday (the thrill of the rapier tourney on Wednesday apparently lowered my immune system or something.)  We did however get the Christmas village set up so we are now at 99% decked halls. Also I helped the hubby test embroidery patterns for the new A&S Champion cape he’s making. I think it’s going to look absolutely smashing. 🙂

Not much to see here, move along.


Thursday Gratitude

Today I am grateful for many things:

  • So, I got the gallery’s prize at the tourney last night, I should lead with that, huh? 🙂
  • I did win my first fight against Levi, he’s no slouch, and I feel that I wasn’t a walk-over for FitzRanulf or Muldonny in our bouts. I believe my refusing to trade my dagger for a sword when my sword arm was lost won me the prize. For me it was a no-brainer though. I’ll take one point of honor, not two. He was welcome to drop one of his weapons if he felt I was at too much of a disadvantage.
  • My increased self esteem lately. I was able to accept the win gracefully. No angst over how the other fighters must feel or anything. That’s nice.
  • I was invited to the Ortho department graduation 🙂
  • I got a thank you card today 🙂 Always feels good to be appreciated.
  • Living in Christmas Cottage
  • There were many gluten free items on the buffet last night! (I have gluten free friends, was very happy for them!)
  • We found happy new homes for all of Seanda’s old garb 🙂
  • I bought myself a bottle of scotch last weekend. First time ever. Again, I credit increased self-worth here; in the past it was too expensive of a luxury good for me to buy for myself so I just sat around sad and scotch-less waiting for someone to gift me some. How silly when I have the funds and means to buy my own! Got the peaty Laphoraig (or however it’s spelled) that Muldonny introduced me to. 🙂 Go me! and I was able to have a shot to celebrate after the tourney too.
  • Having a good amount of my Christmas shopping done!
  • Thanksgiving was lovely, seems like longer than a week ago! Very laid back and big props to my Dad and his cooking prowess.
  • Asparagus
  • The CW’s Flash-Arrow-Supergirl-Ledgends crossover episodes. It’s silly, but it makes me happy. 🙂



Turkey Day Break

Had one of the best Thanksgiving Breaks ever, I think. Lovely, relaxed dinner with the parental unit who as always did a fabulous job on the cooking. He’s finally perfected his candied yams as well, they were divine this year! ❤ I love my Dad and his Turkey-cooking prowess! We also watched Star Trek so bonus! 🙂

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were spent largely on putting up our extensive collection of Holiday Decor. There were a few grumpy moments when the husband was pushing for us to get it done and I was “I want a break!” stomping feet and pouting, heh. We ate out every night like bad kids, watched movies and shopped as well. We got a new storage shelf for the pantry closet, and it’s sad how much that makes me happy! A tidy pantry is a joy forever.

Bought a birthday present for the Parental Unit, as usual I was surprised by how fast his birthday follows Thanksgiving. It’s like a tradition of its own assuming there’s an extra week between!

I got sewing done, and we cat sat for my friends Arron and Steve’s adorable cat. We went for several long walks in the crisp autumn air.

We got almost all of the decor up and I can now state proudly that I am living in Christmas Cottage once more! All that remains is the ceramic village and a few smaller items that we may or may not set out.